Android 5.0 “Jelly Bean” Rumored to be Slated for Q2 2012

The latest Android operating system rumor says that the next version, Android 5.0, could be coming a lot sooner than we’d think; we could see “Jelly Bean” as early as Q2 2012.

The rumor springs from DigiTimes, who reported that sources have informed them that Google is telling its Android tablet and netbook manufactures to start thinking with Jelly Bean (the assumed code name for 5.0) in mind. Android 5.0 so soon seems a bit nonsensical, since its predecessor, Ice Cream Sandwich has only been out for about three months, and is only on 1% of Android devices.

DigiTimes also believes that Google has intentions of hybrid OS of Android and Windows 8 platform for devices. It would give users the ability to use the best of each. These rumors aren’t very concrete, so we’ll have to wait for further evidence.


Source: Android Community

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