Best FREE NFL Apps in the Play Store

The 2012 – 2013 National Football League season is upon us and here at DroidNerds we’re going to assemble a list of some of the best sports apps on the Play Store. Some of these apps are widely known and others haven’t received the spotlight yet. Either way, these are some of the must have apps if you want to stay on top of your favorite teams and your fantasy teams for this football seasons. The best part is they are all free!

ESPN Scorecenter

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, the ESPN Scorecenter application is one of the most widely used, if not the most widely used, sports applications available on the Android Market. It’s useful for more than just NFL games. You’re able to track teams over any of the sports that ESPN covers and receive notifications when your team scores or from various other things. Now, the score center application wasn’t always this great and in the past it was plagued with performance issues. If you’re someone, like myself, who was put off by these issues before should definitely give ESPN Scorecenter another shot. Everything runs extremely smooth now and it’s much easier to configure the settings to your liking.

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ESPN Radio

Even though ESPN Scorecenter is one of the most popular sports applications on the Play Store, ESPN’s Radio Application doesn’t share the same popularity. This is unfortunate because the radio application looks significantly better than most sports apps. After signing into your ESPN account you’re able to listen to a large selection of provided ESPN radio stations. Sporting a sleek holo-themed interface and easy to navigate menus ESPN Radio provides a solid listening experience and is the perfect companion to any of the other applications provided on this list.

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Fantasy Football Monster 2012

While almost all of the fantasy football providers have a standalone application for their fantasy league, it can become a little hectic to keep track of. Luckily for your users who keep multiple teams in multiple leagues there is an application that can help. Fantasy Football Monster by Bignoggins Productions, will allow you to track your teams from Yahoo, ESPN and NFL through one application. The interface isn’t the greatest, but it isn’t terrible and it will allow you to manage all of your teams in one central hub. You can change lineups, view news from around the league and view team stats; a must of application for hardcore fantasy football players.

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Bruno Boys

Having one of the best fantasy football knowledge bases on the internet, now has its’ own application with this wealth of information all in one place. Get the latest info on certain player performances and predictions provided by Bruno Boys. This application allows you to participate in their forums and read articles written by professionals. Also, if you’re a little weary about a trade you’re about to make or considering starting a player next week Bruno Boys can help you. The application provides a submission area for you to ask the staff for opinions on your fantasy team.

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If you’re only looking for one league to follow, ESPN has the nicest standalone application for their league. Everything is more organized and easier to use than what NFL or Yahoo offers. All of the functionality that the website has is perfectly recreated within this application. If you’re using the ESPN Fantasy league there really isn’t any other application that you would need. With a plethora of menus and various stat charts, you’ll be able to get the most out of your ESPN Team.

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Football season is one of the most exciting times of the year and with these applications you’ll never miss out on the big plays or upsets. All of these applications listed are completely free and you’re able to try them all out yourself be clicking on the Play Store button under each of the galleries. Enjoy the ’12-’13 season and let us know in the comments if there are any other great applications that we missed.


  1. hballer says:

    I agree with all. A great just sports especially football is NBC sports app. Latest news first. Also bleacher report. Very similar not as good but very serviceable.

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