Motorola Atrix 4G: One Step Closer To Custom ROMs

XDA developers have gotten one step closer to porting our favorite custom ROMs, like Cyanogen Mod, to the Motorola Atrix 4G. Using this program they are able to load scripts before the Android OS starts which can allow for custom ROMs to be installed on it. Although a large amount of developers have slowly stopped messing with the Atrix due to the locked bootloader, hopefully this will restore some faith in the modding community and bring our favorite mods and tweaks to the Tegra2 phone. The 2nd Init scripts are ported from the Motorola Defy which has had CyanogenMOD running on it for some time now, so hopefully this will open a door for a large amount of possibilities. As of right now there are a few Gingerbread ROMs that are available for the Atrix, but not many. The stock OS that comes with the Atrix, and the Droid X2, doesn’t seem fully optimized for the device so tweaking by XDA and other web developers can make these phones well worth their dollar.

Head here to the original XDA post to read more about the breakthrough: XDA

Motorola Atrix 4G Now Only $99 On AT and amp;T

Do you have a plan with AT&T and want to upgrade soon? You can grab the dual core Tegra-2 Atrix 4G off the AT&T website for only $99 with a two year agreement! The Motorola device includes a qHD display, 16GB of internal memory, a large 1930 mAh battery, and a 5MP camera to make this media powerhouse ready for any situation. The phone natively supports many audio and video formats for playback without any external applications making this phone ready to store all your music and movies right out of the box.

There are already multiple Tegra optimized games on the market such as Riptide GP and Pinball HD for Tegra which boast some pretty impressive high resolution graphics for a mobile device. Nvidia and other companies are teaming together to release many new games for these devices in the future; you can get the Nvidia Tegra Zone application off the market to see future updates and releases for the Tegra devices here.

You can check out the AT&T website here to read more details on the device as well as check out pricing and data plans.

AT and amp;T Announced Officially Allowing Third-Party Applications

It looks like AT&T is finally starting to get with the program, in March AT&T announced that they “intend to provide AT&T Android customers access to the Amazon Appstore” which requires third-party application installation. To back up that statement, AT&T released information to the AT&T Developer Program which briefly detailed the company’s new outlook on the settings:

“Future Android devices (starting with the Samsung Infuse 4G) will come with the option that will allow users to change their settings in order to access content from third party application stores.”

They also plan on releasing OTA updates to modern phones (Inspire 4G, Aria, and Samsung captivate) that currently do not natively support third-party applications. This is good news for AT&T customers for the future, although with all the “One-Click” programs for Windows computers making it easy to sideload, this will still save a reasonable amount of time for the development community.

Source: AndroidCentral

Samsung Infuse 4G Allows Applications From Unknown Sources?

Since the release of the Android phone on their network, AT&T has kept a tight leash on the user’s ability to natively install third party applications. These non-Market applications let users install beta software or applications downloaded offline onto their device. For “Security Reasons, and users personal safety” AT&T has kept this option grayed out or turned off for the most part. A photo released from on May 5th reveals some exciting information leading us to believe the Infuse 4G from Samsung has the ability to install third party applications from the start. Although the ability to install these third party applications leads to piracy, many users use it with a legitimate purpose to download and install applications like the Amazon Appstore, or carrier blocked applications (such as the tethering apps now removed off the market.) Hopefully Samsung and AT&T will keep this option unlocked on future releases; after all, the Android users are going to do it whether or not the carrier has the option available. If you would like to know more about the Infuse, you can take a look at Samsung’s mobile device website and see for yourself.

AT and amp;T Announces New Android Smartphones

At&t took the opportunity to reveal their plans for some new Android powered phones during the announcement of their Infuse 4G release date and price.

At&t will be focusing on sliders, large screens, touch screens, and keyboards.

According to Jeff Bradley, senior vp of of mobile devices for At&t, we’ll see a slider from Pantech in early June.

“[Its a] cool little device; it looks a little like a [Casio] G-Shock … a little bit more outdoors, and it’s more durable than a classic side-slider,” Bradley said.

There aren’t any further details or hints, so we’ll have to be patient.

PC Mag

Samsung Infuse 4G Gets a Price Tag and Date

Today, Samsung and AT&T finally let everyone know when they can get their hands on the Infuse 4G, and just how much it will cost to do that. On May 15th we will be seeing the smartphone hit the stores at the 2-year contract price of $199 (fortunately mail in rebate-less).

This rather large phone may come off as intimidating with its 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus touch screen, but its surprisingly thin at 8.9mm.

The phone features a 1.2GHz processor, 8MP and 1.3MP cameras, 16GB of internal memory, and it will be running Android 2.2.

Via Cnet

Unofficial Atrix Update Lifts Data Caps On 4G

Own a Motorola Atrix 4G and sick of the unsatisfactory upload rate? Not anymore, two developers on the XDA forums have compiled an update that will significantly increase the upload rates on the device ranging anywhere from .9Mbps to 2.8Mbps (with the stock average about .3Mbps). The official AT&T update was scheduled to release this month, though nowhere in sight. If you own an Atrix and would like to flash your radio to allow these increased speeds there is a useful step-by-step guide on droidmatters to help you out. Your phone will need to be rooted, but don’t worry if it’s not, there’s also information to assist you with that in the guide. The full process is simple and shouldn’t take very long at all. If you feel unsure about it, the process is completely reversible by just re-flashing the original radio. This should hold you off until the official AT&T update is released for your smartphone.

Here’s the guide thanks to XDA Developers and HSUPA Speeds On Atrix

Ready To Update To Android 2.2 Official Samsung Captivate Owners?

You might want to reconsider.

Some of the ROMs, even the official Froyo release from Samsung, ends up being buggy, and even having memory leaks in certain programs, causing bugged down devices and a lower battery life. This guide for Samsung Captivate users goes step by step in great detail (and includes videos) showing how to backup, update your OS, and restore all your programs, like you never lost them. There are hundreds of ROMs available online, here’s my personal favorite, including 3 keyboards, customizable lockscreen, various speed improvements, and a voltage changer (which you can use to underclock and undervolt the CPU to your liking.) The Continuum ROM, available on XDA, is all the various updates and fixes built in.

This will also be posted under the Samsung Captivate section of the forums if you would like to reference it at a later date.

BE ADVISED: Although these instructions are safe, they do have the ability to brick your device if you do not follow them correctly. Check to make sure you have a compatible device, and one that is able to both enter download mode, as well as recovery mode (all mentioned in the instructions) before going further.

AT and amp;T Motorola Atrix Rolls Out OTA Update (4.1.57)

Motorola Atrix owners with AT&T should have received an interesting notification this morning indicating that a critical software update was now available for grabs. This new version (4.1.57) is roughly 17MB in size and can be download OTA, which makes it pretty easy to grab and go- so long as you’re on a WiFi network.

New Improvements with this update include:

  • Screen Display will turn off automatically now while charging directly on wall charger
  • Phone stability Improved stability resulting in fewer occurrences of touch unresponsiveness and/or programs quitting unexpectedly.
  • Car dock Improved performance of car dock and 3.5mm jack
  • Fingerprint reader Improved fingerprint reader performance
  • Battery Improved battery performance for longer battery life
  • Improved multimedia experience with Bluetooth devices as well as the ability to use phone with additional headsets

So if you haven’t done so already, tap on your settings and check for a software update if you did not see the auto-notification. It’s a fairly quick update only taking at most 10 minutes including a reboot.

[VIA] AndroidCommunity

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Amazon App Store Launches Leaving AT and amp;T Users Waiting

The Amazon App Store has finally launched for Android, bringing over 3,800 apps to its users. One of the most popular titles that is featured on the Amazon App Store is Angry Birds Rio. Unfortunately, the exclusivity of the newest Angry Birds along with all the other apps featured on the Amazon App Store won’t be available to just any Android device. AT&T users are currently blocked from downloading the Amazon App Store, since it’s considered a non-market application from an unknown source. While a good portion of Androids have the option of disabling this feature, AT&T Androids do not.

On a lighter note, Amazon and AT&T are working hard to get the issue resolved, however there is still no estimated time frame on when we can expect to have access. Meanwhile, for everyone else that wants to grab the Amazon App Store, just visit there website and get started!

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