Google Maps Includes Live Transit Updates In New Update

Use public transit often and “try” to keep up to date with the arrival schedule of the buses? Not anymore thanks to Google Mobile’s most recent update which puts live transit updates right in Google Maps.

Google Maps has teamed up with transit companies in Boston, Portland, San Francisco, and San Diego to achieve live departure times to tell you where the bus is and how long until it arrives at a station you tap on. Some of the included features is live departure times and service alerts when getting transit directions. The new update can be found in the Google Maps application, Google Maps Mobile website, and the desktop version of Google Maps so you can keep up to date in with your public transit in all of the 6 cities that are included. Four of the cities are in the US while the other two are in Europe at the moment, but like usual for Google, this is just a test run and will most likely be implemented in various locations within the next few months.

Check out the video below straight from the Google Mobile blog to hear some more information on the update and see it in action:

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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