Google Mobile Search Gets Revamped – Again

In the past year Google Mobile has come a long way, starting with just a simple search engine on their phone and evolving to become incredibly optimized for touch based devices and smartphones today. Many of the recently added features include auto-complete, Voice Search, Google Goggles, Google Instant, and Instant search; some of these features had become so popular they are being ported to desktop versions as well (like Voice Search and Search by Image).

Being a fan of Google places, it’s helped me find more than one awesome restaurant in town, it’s nice owning an Android phone so you can use the Google application to search for ratings, reviews, and local places which you didn’t know about. Many people use it when visiting a city or just passing through, but the Places application has also helped me find many local restaurants which are hidden on the outskirts of town. The Google Mobile website now has a built in “Places” function. The function now acts very similarly to the application.

Icons appear below the search bar which are labeled with nearby “places” such as Restaurants, Coffee, and Bars ( shown above). Google incorporated the new feature due to the increased activity on the mobile site when searching for “Places near ______.” Looking for something else? The “more” button included also gives you the freedom to search for a large variety of things such as Fast Food, shops, ATMs, gas stations, and various other local attractions.

You can view the source link at the bottom for the full Google blog to read more on the update as well as previous updates by them.

The new features and improvements can be viewed in the two videos below made by the Google Mobile Blog:

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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