Holo Themed Sudoku Has Arrived

Sudoku games are notoriously bad about having atrocious interfaces. Each one looks as though it was designed for some of the original Android devices. A little known app named Holoku is currently sporting one of the nicest Sudoku interfaces in the entire Play Store. For all of you Sudoku fans, this is the application you have been waiting for. Sticking to the Android design guidelines and using a holo theme, Holoku is optimized for even 7-inch tablets such as the Nexus 7. The developer, kcoppock, has promised everyone monthly updates for the game, such as new boards, that will all be completely free. That is, if you need more Sudoku. Even the most talented of you avid Sudoku players will need some time to complete the already available 500 boards that come with it.

Here’s a couple of quotes from the Play Store page:

“This works great on my GNexus and was the only holo themed sudoku app I could find. Should be more popular, needs blog support or something” – Parker. (Here you go.)

“This is the only Sudoku that feels like it belongs on modern android.” – Anthony.

“Just played a level and I think this app is awesome. The UI is cool and the sound effects are good but, not distracting. ” – Denver.

This is kcoppock’s first published application and let’s just say they are off to a good start. Support the developer by purchasing the application for only $1.99 off of the Play Store. If you’re not completely sold on this yet then give the demo a try, this will give you a good taste of the game with the 20 boards that are included, also available on the Play Store. Be sure to drop a review and comment to encourage development!

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