Indie Apps of the Week – Emotisounds

As technology has progressed we have separated ourselves further and further away from emotion in communication; navigating from phone calls to instant messaging has accelerated that separation and continues on with the adaptation of text messaging. Developer TheChaseDog has created an application, Emotisounds, that assists in bringing back emotion into texting.

Audible Emoticons – Emotisounds

     By texting certain keywords, similar to a emoticon, you are presented with a sound file being played back: so texting *applause* would result in, you guessed it, an applause. There are currently 50 Emotisounds for users to utilize, with more available with a simple email or comment on the Play Store. TheChaseDog wants to use user feedback to further develop his app and make it better for daily use or occasional use; which is a great thing for any developer to help his application grow.

     While this application presents means for recreational use, I believe that using the application to play a sound for a text that is urgent would be beneficial for anyone. If your someone who doesn’t check their phone often, but you could really use a notification for when someone specific sends you a text (even in silent mode), then you could have them include *urgent* in the beginning of the text.

     The app is pretty simple to use with only a few screens for you to navigate through: the home, settings, and music list pages. Using the app is pretty straightforward and allows you to disable all of the notifications, or a single one at a time, to let you choose when to use it. The various pages could be a little bit easier to find (as they currently look like art on the home page), but the application is very simple once you find your way around.

     The free version is currently available on the play store and worth checking out if you find yourself in need of some more emotion, or wanting to add some customization within a text message (like the urgent tag). There is a paid version ($.99) which gives the ability to record your own and replace the sounds of other files to further customize the experience.



Chase Kragenbrink

Quick Bio:

I’m a student at Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo. I have my personal site, which has an audience of immature high schoolers that play games at school. Emotisounds is my first app and I really hope to do more Android development.


App Aesthetics


App Performance


App Price

  • Could use a few UI related optimizations, but the overall use is simple
  • Does exactly as it says, while allowing you to customize the experience
  • It’s available for free on Google Play with the option to upgrade for a more customizable experience

Check it out and help a small studio or first time dev!

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