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While multitasking on Android has never been an issue, there are points in time when we would like to make it a little easier for ourselves. Developer ‘ssspeg’ has created a very small but useful application that will allow you to multitask without having to touch any buttons, let alone the device itself. Using hand gestures detected by the proximity sensor on your device, Smartswitcher allows you to multitask between applications, utilize media buttons, and much more.

     True multitasking has been one of the focal points on Android for some time now, allowing you to do nearly anything in the background (like talking to your gaming pals on Ventrilo) without leaving or losing focus on the foreground application. While there are many ways to go about launching these applications, usually you are left going back to the home screen, shifting to your app, and launching it: with the correct layout, it could take only a few seconds. Smartswitcher looks to cut that down even more by providing a quick method of launching quite a few predefined actions/apps from anywhere on your system.

Start an app by waving at your device? Sure.

Simple, but it gets the job done.

     Smartswitcher can be used for many practical purposes, as well as a way to “wow!” your friends or coworkers by launching applications, muting your phone, or switching wifi on and off by simply waving your hand over the device. One of my favorite uses is using it for navigating around your device when you have soft keys hidden/disabled on a tablet (taking full advantage of the 10 inch display). The application offers toggles for loads of functions, as well as support for miscellaneous gamepad buttons and application shortcuts. Smartswitcher allows you to set custom functions for up to 6 waves in front of the sensor (at that point you’ll start looking ridiculous!), covering the proximity sensor for a period of time, and shaking the phone. Yes, that means that you can make your phone auto go to standby every time you put it in your pocket/ on your holster (the holster worked excellent for me by making one wave and cover proximity sensor to turn the screen off).

     While the application is not perfect, I really wish it had the ability to custom set applications to launch, it is awesome and available for free off of Google Play with the option to purchase a pro version ($2.87) which unlocks unlimited launches and start on device boot. Head over to the Play Store to grab the application for yourself! Note: This application requires root for full functionality (including most multitasking features and whatnot). If you are a developer and would like to assist in the production of this app, you can email me at and we will help you come in contact with the developer to assist in the development and production of Smartswitcher. The developer would like to open source the project if enough people are interested in assisting the project.


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Quick Bio:

We didn’t get one… So we’re just going to assume he’s an awesome guy who works for NASA or something. Here’s what he has to say about the app:

It lets you run different actions (new ones added all the time) without even touching the phone. You can wave your finger in front of it, cover the device or shake it to launch any of the configured actions. On rooted devices you can set it to recent apps for magic multitasking :)


App Aesthetics


App Performance


App Price

  • Very simple interface with a one-page settings/application screen
  • Runs in the background, has a constant notification icon seen in the notification bar up top
  • Runs great and detected the gestures the many times that I tested it! (even with up to 6 waves at my phone)
  • The application is available for free off of Google Play with an optional Paid version featuring unlimited action uses and start-at-boot

Check it out and help a small studio or first time dev!

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