Motorola Xoom Ice Cream Sandwich – First Look

As you all may have heard the Android 4.0.3 sources were uploaded to the AOSP servers today which most took as being the update for the Nexus S; however, it also included sources for the Motorola Xoom Wifi and Motorola Xoom 3G devices. Thanks to XDA user razorbladex401 we have a introductory look at Ice Cream Sandwhich on the device! You can check out our video here to see a quick preview.

As you can see from the Video the Xoom is FAR Snappier than it’s predecessor. All transitions, multitasking, and interactions between the applications has nearly no lag; which is saying a lot from it’s predecessor. There are a quite few bugs (obviously) but since it’s an absolute first build it’s running very well and close to being a daily driver. Some of the various bugs include buggy portrait mode, no support for HDMI, camera, or Native google apps (which can be installed later through a zip).

Suggestions on what you want to see running/tested on it? Leave a comment on here, Facebook, or Twitter and we’ll collaborate them all to test them out for you!

Thanks to razorbladex401 on XDA!

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