MX Player – The Only Video Player You’ll Ever Need

One of the most important features of Android for many users is the ability to have external storage: with this ability we can carry loads of music, TV shows, and movies. One problem that we have however, is choosing the right program for each. One program has kept up to date with all the design, performance, and compatibility standards for every device and version of Android – MX Player.

MX Player is a simple application that essentially is the VLC of mobile devices; while there is an official VLC application, itโ€™s just not as polished as this by any means. Being one of the first applications I install on any device, The app boasts a solid interface which reflects the ICS theming system in both the system settings and the video playback interface. Inside the settings, customization options are far superior to any other video playback application on the market – providing ability to change the settings of subtitles, swipe gestures, touch controls, and screen locking which all provide ease of control for every user

(here you can see the quick access to hw/sw decoding, audio tracks, and the menu buttons with the playback controls at the bottom)

Finally an app that uses every core your CPU has to offer

While the video player offers many aesthetic customizations, you can also adjust performance per device with multi-core support improving performance of video playback by up to 70% on most devices. Customizing performance further, you can adjust the amount of cores being used, as well as hardware or software rendering. By using hardware rendering, you use the codecs supported by your hardware for increased performance, but still have the ability to use nearly every filetype by using software rendering. The application also supports network streaming so you can watch videos hosted off of a local drive at home.

Recently updated for Jelly Bean, it seems this will continue to be the leading video player with its compatibility, customization, and performance. MX Player is an awesome application which is completely free and available off of the play store with an optional premium upgrade to remove ads (which are unobtrusive for free users in the first place). Grab the free version, you won’t be disappointed.

MX Player

MX Player Donation/ad-free


App Aesthetics


App Performance


App Price

  • The UI is simple but gets the job done, while staying on the ICS and JB design scheme
  • Customizable interface with screen lock for uninterrupted playback for you and or children
  • Multi-core support for superb video playback
  • Plays nearly every video format without any lag
  • Includes options for hardware and software decoding
  • $5.60 is rather expensive for an ad-free version, however, the ads don’t get in the way while watching the video, and are not even noticeable with an ad-blocker thanks to their implementation
Worth it?


  1. willoxxx says:

    does not work with Transformer Prime with .mkv movies… there is no sound…

    • droidnerds says:

      Give this a try, I think I remember having a similar issue: Go into settings>decoder> and click the “S/W audio” checkbox (so it uses software audio when using HW decoder). If I remember correctly, that should fix it right up.

  2. Paulo Sousa says:

    MX is indeed a great video player, however, I think BSPlayer Pro for Android is an all-round better solution.

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