Review: Adobe Photoshop Express for Android

Happy Friday, folks. Today I wanted to go over a real nifty application for Android; Adobe Photoshop Express. It’s an absolute must-have for anyone who desires to do some quick editing of any of their smartphone’s photos. Best of all, it’s FREE. I actually first used Adobe Photoshop Express on the iPhone 3GS, and enjoyed it. Now, as a loyal Android enthusiast, once I noticed it was available on the Market I jumped right on it.

Let’s get to it, shall we? Upon installing and loading Photoshop Express, you’ll have the choice to load images that have been stored on your Android, or from your Photoshop Express online account. I highly recommend you register for a Photoshop account. Doing so enables you to upload your edited images right to your profile which gives you privileges such as sharing via Facebook and Twitter, E-mail, and also by linking and embedding.

After creating your Adobe Express account, you’ll quickly become familiar with the Express Organizer, which is accessed via PC. This is where you can create and organize your albums, as well as integrate with other storage sites such as Flickr, Photobucket, and Picasa.

Back to your Android – select any photo you desire, and tap EDIT. Or you can select the photo and then bring up your menu and select EDIT. Here’s where all the magic happens. Your editing tools are as follows:

Crop > Straighten > Rotate > Flip

Exposure > Saturation > Tint > Black & White > Contrast > Brightness

Soft Focus

Effects > Borders

[LEFT]Each option will allow you to choose a handful of different effect variations and adjustments. I have to admit, I really dig the amount of options that are available here. You can really customize and enhance mobile images to an impressionable level.


After your done with your alterations, tap on the UPLOAD icon in the bottom right corner. From this point you’ll have the option to upload to your account, Facebook, and Twitpic. Sounds easy right? Well, that’s because it is!

[LEFT]To wrap things up, it really doesn’t get much easier than this. Adobe Photoshop Express for Android is extremely user-friendly, efficient, and fun to use. One thing I noticed when I used it on the iPhone 3GS, was a severe lag in performance. It’s no surprise that this app takes up a good amount of memory while editing. However, I’m on the Samsung Captivate and notice hardly any lag whatsoever. That’s really saying something. Those of you who haven’t already downloaded this app, definitely jump on the Android Market and grab it. You won’t be disappointed. Cheers!



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