Samsung Captivate w/ Froyo Shown on AT and amp;T Support Page

I am a Samsung Captivate user myself, on AT&T. And I think I can speak for everyone else who utilizes this device that not only do we deserve the Android 2.2 update that we were promised right after the Captivate’s launch, but we should be waiting for our upgrade to Gingerbread at this point in time.

This image was taken AT&T’s Support page for the Samsung Captivate. It briefly explains how to do a software update on your device, or to just check which version you’re currently running. Surprise, surprise however- this lucky device in the picture seems to already be running Froyo. So, what gives? Is AT&T and Samsung simply holding out on us, or is this a sign that we should expect at least an update to Android 2.2 in the very near future?

Either way, I stick by my previous statement that by now, we should be waiting on our Gingerbread update. AT&T and Samsung… Epic Fail here guys.


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