School Scheduler – A Great-Looking Holo-Themed Assignment Tracker

Thanks to the awesome Android design team, we’re starting to be blessed with more and more Holo applications; which not only look awesome, but helps maintain a certain amount of consistency across all of our devices. It’s great that more and more developers are taking notice of this and using this to their advantage, like the Holo themed Sodoku app we spotted earlier. Developer and Redditor Cryptopone has whipped up an awesome application that sticks right along the lines of looking and working great.

     School Scheduler is a simple application which syncs with Google Calendar to bring your classes, due dates, and assignments straight through one easy to use interface. Opening up the app brings you to the homescreen with Today’s date along with the assignments and classes on that day, allowing you to keep track of everything right on the spot. Thanks to the Google Calendar support, you are also able to look at the assignments on any computer so you can be up to date from anywhere. If you do plan on adding courses to it though, beware as it will add it as a recurring event every time until it is over. A good thing to do is make a separate Calendar via the web interface called something like “Due Dates” so it doesn’t fill up your usual calendar.

     The other included tabs are courses and tasks, which are pretty self-explanatory. In the free version you are limited to only syncing one course with tasks at a time, whereas in the paid version you are free to sync as many as you would like. Courses and course information can be entered to help students keep track of locations (room numbers), email addresses, times, among a few other things. The Tasks menu provides the ability to select a certain course, task name, due date, due time (for those of us who do it at the last minute), and a brief description to help add any additional information or tips. The tasks are then kept in a list according to when they’re due: making finding the assignment you need to do next an easy task.

     It’s worth the $1.50 to keep all of your courses and assignments up to date and synced between all of your devices; if you’re interested, we’ve attached links to both the free and paid version on Google Play. Be sure to drop a rating to help the small-time developer out!

School Scheduler (With Sync!)

School Scheduler – Lite


App Aesthetics


App Performance


App Price

  • Looks great thanks to the Holo themed design
  • Easy to use three tab interface
  • Allowing syncing of courses and tasks
  • Available through Google Calendar thanks to the syncing design
  • $1.50 is relatively inexpensive for a full-featured application
  • The free version (from what I saw) contained no ads, but only allowed you to sync one course
Worth it?


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