Tablet Talk – Texting On Your Phone Through Your Tablet

With the market for tablets increasing dramatically both recently and over the next few months, many of you may already own or plan on owning a tablet soon. Tablets obviously make gaming and browsing the web far easier thanks to the larger screen and powerhouse running behind them, but many users become frustrated when having to lay the tablet down to pick up their phone and reply to a text. The frustration only becomes worse when you put your phone away to only have it vibrate or ring again the second you do. Application Tablet Talk remedies the situation by allowing you to text on your tablet through your phone: meaning that you send and receive texts messages as usual without ever setting the tablet down.

Tablet Talk – The perfect solution

     Having been put up this for far too long, or using another solution such as asking people to text my Google Voice number, Tablet Talk is one of the most welcome applications I’ve seen in a long time. It’s easy to use, setup, and configure to allow for each user to customize the interface and how the application acts in general on both devices. The application has to be installed on both your phone and tablet in order for the SMS to sync from your phone, and texts to be sent out.

     The application works by using the connection of your choice (wifi or bluetooth) to pair both your phone and tablet, then synchronize your messages between them. These options allow you to save battery on the go by using bluetooth, or simply using the wifi connection you are already connected to so you don’t have to go through any extra steps. After connecting, any text message you send from the tablet is then forwarded to the phone and sent from there, allowing you to just use your phone number and not an external one. Setting up the application takes only a few minutes for the default settings and auto connection, and a little bit longer if you want to customize the look and security.

(Here you can see it open on top of Anomaly Warzone Earth)

     Some of the tweaks include passwords and ports, as well as floating UI and pop-up boxes to make replying to the messages easier than ever. With the floating UI set inside the tablet’s application you are able to access the application at any time on top of any other app by simply clicking on the notification tray icon. One of the more intuitive features include auto-silencing your phone upon connection and forwarding all notifications to your tablet; although you can ‘answer’ the phone from the tablet, you are not able to actually use the tablet’s speaker and microphone due to limitations within Android. For now we’re stuck having to pull the phone out of our pockets or using a bluetooth headset to actually talk. While that’s not the sole purpose of me purchasing the application, I feel it’s worth noting.

Overall, is it worth it?

     Without a doubt this application is a must have for users who own both an Android tablet and phone. Texting while using both has never been easier and more convenient for all users. The app could use a bit of a UI overhaul to revamp it up to ICS and Holo standards instead of the current gradients and chat bubbles, but that’s no reason to not buy it. Looking at the continued support by the developer, Tablet Talk is just bound to get better by leaps and bounds. Tablet Talk is running for $2.99 on the Android Market and is one of the most recent, and most used applications on my device. Are you still unsure? No need. As noted in the developer’s Play Store listing, “If you would like to try Tablet Talk, please note that we have a 48+ hour refund policy. If you are not satisfied, simply send us an email for a refund.”


App Aesthetics


App Performance


App Price

  • The UI color choice could use some touching up as gradients are pretty ugly
  • Overall UI though is awesome, pop up bubbles for calls, SMS, MMS all work flawlessly
  • Works just like it should, didn’t run into any problems
  • Fast in everything it does, including syncing hundreds of texts over to the tablet at once
  • $2.99 is mid-range for a useful application
  • Developers are rock solid and frequently provide updates for users on custom ROMs
  • 48 hour refund period if application is unsatisfactory
Worth it?


  1. Scott Fontenot says:

    Does it allow you to text from the phone with this app or must you use a different app for the phone?

  2. mrem says:

    If I put the app on my smartphone (which is not connected to a service), will I be able to use the smartphone as a phone when I have the stupidphone nearby?

  3. Ty says:

    Can I use a card reader to accept payments with this app?

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