Google Translate's Birthday Brings an Alpha Version of Conversation Mode

If you remember, back during the IFA show in 2010, we heard Google’s announcement about Google Translate. It’s been about a year for the application, and while it’s still very much in it’s “Beta” stage, they’ve released a new update with a number of UI tweaks along with an alpha version of “Conversation Mode”. This feature will enable two speakers of different languages to talk to each other, while Google gives real-time translations of both languages. Pretty neat, huh? Well, don’t get too excited because this alpha version only supports English and Spanish currently, so we may have a bit of time before we see any real enhancements to more languages. But hey, that’s why they labeled it as “alpha” isn’t it?

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nullDC: Dreamcast Emulator Bios Boot Captured on Video

drk|Raziel’s latest Emulator, NullDC, is a work in progress but from what we can see from this Alpha BIOS test, it’s well on its way. As you can see from the video the Alpha doesn’t have the touchscreen capability as this time, but we’re confident that Raz’s hard work will pay off sooner than later. NullDC is a Sega Dreamcast Emulator, which would theoretically allow us to play some of our favorite old Dreamcast games. Some of my favorites were Blue Stinger, House of the Dead 2, and Tokyo Racer. Will it be likely we’d see some of these titles? We sure hope so.