Angry Birds Rio Finally Hits Android Market

Thankfully you no longer have to be strapped to the Amazon App Store to download or play Angry Birds Rio. Today Rovio has launched the game on the Android Market, allowing everyone else who hasn’t already downloaded it, to try out for themselves. If you don’t mind the ads, you can grab it for free right now!

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Amazon Tightens Grip on App Store; Angry Birds Rio Requires AppStore to Run

So you’ve installed the Amazon App Store for the mere fact that you wanted to grab the latest version of Angry Birds, Rio. Now that it’s all said and done, you figure what the heck- I’ll just delete the App Store now that I got what i wanted. Not so fast, Sparky.

It’s been confirmed that once you delete the Amazon App Store from your Android device, Angry Birds gives you a pleasant little message indicating the following:

“It looks like the Amazon Appstore was uninstalled from your device. Please install the Amazon Appstore and sign in with your username and password to use this app.

Although it’s not a huge inconvenience by any means, it’s just the principle of the matter. I mean really, why does the App Store need to even exist on my device if I’ve already downloaded the application that you desire? Seems unfair to say the least, and surely many can agree. Hopefully in the near future when Rovio gets unhinged from the Amazon App Store we’ll be free once again from the extra crap us paying customers have to go through to get a simple application. But for now, you better keep it on the back burner to keep your Angry Birds addition alive.

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Amazon App Store Launches Leaving AT and amp;T Users Waiting

The Amazon App Store has finally launched for Android, bringing over 3,800 apps to its users. One of the most popular titles that is featured on the Amazon App Store is Angry Birds Rio. Unfortunately, the exclusivity of the newest Angry Birds along with all the other apps featured on the Amazon App Store won’t be available to just any Android device. AT&T users are currently blocked from downloading the Amazon App Store, since it’s considered a non-market application from an unknown source. While a good portion of Androids have the option of disabling this feature, AT&T Androids do not.

On a lighter note, Amazon and AT&T are working hard to get the issue resolved, however there is still no estimated time frame on when we can expect to have access. Meanwhile, for everyone else that wants to grab the Amazon App Store, just visit there website and get started!

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HTC's App Store Developing? Their Career Page Indicates Yes

Surely everyone remembers the talks of HTC preparing to open up their own App Store. It looks like the company is taking the next step by throwing up some ads for people to fit the positions they need to make it happen. For instance on their career page as well as, they’ve posted positions for a Senior E-Commerce Manager and an Online Merchandising Manager. Hey, if you think you fit any of these categories, I’d jump on it in a heartbeat. But our best guess is that HTC is definitely building up for the inevitable.

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Apple's App Store Rejects AndroidWorld Reader Magazine

Well Apple, congratulations. You’ve managed to make another hit below the belt of Android. The App, “Androidworld Reader” which featured exclusive content about Android OS was recently rejected from Apple’s App Store. When Mediaprovider’s Brian Dixen asked them the reason, the reply was as follows:

[LEFT]“You know… your magazine… it’s just about Android…. we can’t have that in our App Store.”

Although this doesn’t surprise me in the least, and it’s rather something you’d expect at this point in the game from a censor-sensitive company like Apple. Sounds like someone’s a little jealous of the rising demand for Android OS.

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Content Rating System Being Added to Android Market

We’ve heard the upcoming changes to the Android Market that Google announced last week, and now it looks like we’ve got a little bit more to expect for the upcoming release of Gingerbread. It’s now going to become mandatory for all developers to add a content rating to all apps published on the Android Market. Categories will include All, Pre-teen, Teen, and Mature. Those who do not update their listings with a rating will automatically be rated “Mature”, making it very likely that the developers sales will decrease until updated.

It seems the Android Market is finally catching up to some of the common standards of Apple’s App Store, and it’s a good thing too. Such a rating system can do nothing but improve sales all around, and make it a safer store for you to pick out the appropriate app for you kids.

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Facebook App for Android gets Another Update

In case you haven’t grabbed it already, Facebook launched another update recently that fixed some minor bugs, improved places usage in non-English locations, and now allows you to upload high resolution images from your device. Although if you’re still wishing for Facebook Chat, you may as well keep wishing. Maybe not as beefy as the previous update, but we’ll take what we can get.

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Verizon rolls out OTA Update for HTC Droid Incredible; Brings V Cast App Store

If you haven’t noticed already, Verizon has started pushing out their latest OTA update for the HTC Droid Incredible. The most noteworthy feature of this update is Verizon’s V Cast Apps, which more than likely won’t offer too many different options than the Android Market, but as the weeks progress, developers should jump at the opportunity to invade another Market with potential. So if you haven’t done so already, check for the latest software update on your Incredible. If it’s still not available, be patient Daniel-Son, your time will come.

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HTC developing App Store for Androids

HTC has announced that they’re beginning to hire a larger staff to prepare for their leap into the software market by opening their own HTC App Store. Not entirely exclusive to Android devices, but also to Windows Phone 7 phones as well. We’ve already received a hint that this would be the direction HTC would be headed in with their HTC Hub that appears on the Desire HD and Desire Z. If the company’s future store is to be as promising as their Android smartphones, then we have a lot to look forward to.

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Amazon Android App Store confirmed, but at what costs?

It’s official folks, Amazon is taking their next huge step in the software world by developing their own App Store for Android. An official document from Amazon surfaced, which explained the terms and conditions to all developers. This of course confirms the rumors that were started only a few weeks ago. It seems as though Amazon really has developers by the throat in a sense by restricting them from offering the app the slightest bit cheaper anywhere else for more than two weeks before it’s handed to Amazon. There’s still a lack of details regarding the store, much less any kind of release date. With all things said, would these terms make or break software sales for developers in the long term?

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