Android 3.0 SDK Port Hits Dell Streak, Still in Development

We originally knew that the Dell Streak was considered a tablet, so it would make perfect sense to throw Android 3.0 on it, now wouldn’t it? This video above demonstrates a (very early) build of the Honeycomb SDK for the Dell Streak. While it appears to be very buggy still, it’s a good sight to see for this device to be running a form of Honeycomb instead of Froyo. If my hunches are right, we could be seeing a solid SDK port within a month or so from now.

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Android News Weekly Wrap Up 12-31-2010

This weeks news brings a lot of new things leading up to the new year and a lot of news saved for the first week of January at the International CES. This week we do know that the new Sony xperia device will run Android 2.3, a bestbuy leak of the evo shift, dell streak with t-mobile branding, gameloft to add 10 new HD games, and the android market has hit 200,000 apps!

AT and amp;T Dell Streak Froyo Delay Confirmed by Dell; Launch Due in January

Yesterday some emails were leaked from Dell regarding the sim-locked Dell Streak, indicating that the anticipated Android 2.2 update would be delay until January. The company is now following up, although not mentioning the leak, confirming that in fact next month would be when we would see the official Froyo update for the Streak. We can’t completely blame Dell for the delay, since it’s likely AT&T doing us the injustice. What’s new, right?

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Dell Streaks Now Available Unlocked with Froyo Goodness Inside

So maybe the Dell Streak was an Android device you never really desired before. I can understand because hey, it never impressed me either. On the flip side, Dell is now offering unlocked Streaks sporting Froyo in both 16GB and 32GB options. Now this makes things a little more interesting. The 16GB Unlocked Streak is going for $579.99 and is shipping around the 8th of December, while the 32GB model is going for $678.99, estimated to ship around the same date. Just some food for thought!

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Best Buy Announces Exclusive White Dell Streak

Best Buy loves taking new devices and making the exclusive in some way, shape, or form. But lately it’s been color exclusivity. We had seen Best Buy offer the HTC EVO 4G in white at one point, which is now offered directly through Sprint as well. Next in line is the Dell Streak. Its original black paint job isn’t the only available color now, as Best Buy has just announced the exclusive white version. It’s been advised that you call beforehand and check with your local Best Buy Store to make sure that this model is in fact in stock, because not every location is distributing them just yet. Also, there is the option of online reservation and payment if that tickles your fancy. Check out some additional shots of the device below.

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Dell prescribes The Streak to the Medical Field


Dell has taken a stab into the medical field, announcing that they will be integrating its Electronics Medical Records and Mobile Clinical Computing Service into the Dell Streak tablet. This will make accessing patient information much more convenient for hospitals and physicians alike. Dell also intends to market the Streak for it’s ability to record images that can be uploaded directly to the patients’ electronics medical records using its 5 megapixel camera. Studies have shown that around 64% of medical professionals are currently using smartphones, so this new angle that Dell is coming from seems reasonably logical. The Dell Streak is set to be made available for the medical field this fall.

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Android 2.1 rolls out for O2 Dell Streak

Dell Streak users on O2 in the UK can expect an upgrade to Android 2.1 (Eclair) today, as official updates have been sent out enabling new features on the Steak like live wallpapers, 720p video recording, multiple exchange accounts, and pinch-to-zoom multi-touch. The 2.1 update will also allow access to a variety of new applications on the Marketplace. Unfortunately for those in the US on AT&T, we’re still stuck with Android 1.6, with no real confirmed release date as to when we can expect our upgrade, and exactly what update (Eclair or Froyo) we will actually be receiving. It’s said that in the US we might see a jump straight to Froyo on the Dell Streak, so keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best!

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O2 to release 2.1 for Dell Streak September 1st

Dell Streak users will be able to get their Android 2.1 update OTA exclusively through the UK Wireless provider O2, September 1st. To make things even more enticing, O2 customers can also expect a 2.2 (Froyo) release later this year. Unfortunately for us in the US, there doesn’t seem to be an exact time frame when we can expect a 2.1 update for the tablet. The Streak has features such as an 800 x 480 multitouch display, 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, Micro-SD slot, 5-megapixel rear camera with flash, and a front VGA camera for video chats or live streaming. You’re looking at a $300 pricetag for this tablet with a contract in the US, or standalone price of a whopping $550.


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