Verizon Drops Price of the DROID X to $149, Making Way for DROID X2?

It’s that time again, when the once-epic phones of the past near the end of their life while the latest and greatest start to emerge for the demand. The Motorola Droid X has been reduced a whopping $50 on Verizon’s website, making it available for $149 after a 2-year contract. Surely the upcoming release of the DROID X2 has something to do with the sudden price drop of this device. I can’t say the DROID X is really out of its league even to this day, but it wouldn’t dare hold a candle to the DROID X2!

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Verizon Now Offering Droid Incredible, Samsung Fascinate, Droid R2-D2 for $100 w/ 2-year Contract

Starting today, Verizon is throwing some super-sweet deals out at us for devices such as the Samsung Fascinate, Continuum, HTC DROID Incredible and the DROID R2-D2. Right now you can pick up any of the previously listed devices for only $100 after signing a 2-year contract. The other good news is that Big Red is also going to be doing some additional one-day sales for their “10 days of sweet deals” up until February 10th. So if any of those devices didn’t strike your interest, then stay posted online because you never know if they just might toss in the Droid X or Droid 2 Global for the same deal!

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The New Motorola Droid X ME811 Launching in China, Sporting a New 1.2GHz Processor

If your current Motorola Droid X just doesn’t give you the speed that you desire, then you might be interested in a new version of the Droid X which is being released, the ME811. Whereas the specs are exactly the same at the original Droid X, the processor has been bumped up to a 1.2GHz OMAP 3630 processor, so that extra boost in performance is likely to be found in this special model. So the bad news? Well, if you desire such a device you better make plans to get to China, because it’s not looking like any of us anywhere else will be seeing this rare gem.

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Grab the Droid X, Pro or Incredible from Dell and Receive a $25 Gift Card and the Device for Free

While we’re on the topic of sweet holiday sales, Dell is stepping up in the game and is offering a killer deal on the Droid X, Pro and Incredible. If you purchase any one of the three devices from Dell’s online store, you’ll get it a no cost, along with a $25 gift card to boot! The Droid X is definitely one of the hottest Android smartphones on the market, and it would just be silly to pass a deal as good as this one up. Kudos to you, Dell for offering us a truly holiday-worthy deal.

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Verizon's Sloppy Photo Editing Displays iPhone Screen on Droid X in Cyber Monday Ad

This is a short and sweet one, but we thought it was well worth the post nonetheless. Verizon’s Cyber Monday offers page displays the Droid X, only there’s something completely wrong with this picture. Last time I checked, I don’t recall Google Maps on any Android device looking like the iPhone version. Talk about a photo-editing FAIL!

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Grab a Droid Smartphone from Amazon Wireless for Just a Penny!

Anyone looking to sign up with Verizon on a brand spankin’ new 2-year contract is in for a treat. Right now, Starting today, you can pick up anyone of the DROID devices on Verizon for only a PENNY, through Amazon Wireless. That’s right, a measly 1 cent. Unfortunately this offer doesn’t quality for extending your current contract, so don’t get too excited. You can take your pick from the HTC Droid Incredible, Motorola Droid X, Motorola Droid 2 (Global not included from what we’ve seen), and the Motorola Droid Pro. Offer stands until November 22nd, so take advantage of this killer deal while it lasts.

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Purchase the DROID X for Only $99 at Costco!

Back on the topic of sweet Holiday deals, this one is sure to spark your interest. Right now you can pick up a DROID X for only $99 at Costco, no questions asked. Upon adding one to the cart you’ll notice an instant -$100 Online Discount that it applies. There’s not much more that needs to be said other than, GET TO COSTCO!

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Google Demo Slam Contenders Prove Impressive [VIDEO]

The Google Demo Slam site is up and is showing off some pretty sweet contenders so far. The first video above is of Zach Miller getting some sweet hang time 23 ft in the air, off a half-pipe while speaking “kickflip” into Google Voice on a Droid X. Sure enough, it pulls up the search query right on the money. The video below demonstrates the accuracy of Google Goggles when 4 lads recreate Mount Rushmore. Pretty nifty stuff, so if you haven’t been keeping up on the Slam, then definitely check it out.

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Droid X seeing Froyo update tomorrow? Verizon PDF hints yes!

Most of us have been skeptical of the previous word that has been rolling around that Verizon would spit out the Android 2.2 update for Droid X users around the 22nd of this month. Yet, this new PDF from Verizon may just raise our hopes back up. Let’s take a gander at some of the improvements.

  • Improved Web browsing with pre-installed Adobe® Flash® Player
    10.1 for Android.
  • Automatic app updates.
  • Enhanced browser performance for faster loading of JavaScript
    heavy pages.
  • Easily switch between the eight most recent applications.
  • Overall improvements for Google Maps performance
    on the Droid X.
  • Improved 3G Mobile Hotspot application.
  • Transition from Wi-Fi and 3G without losing data connection.
  • Manage message history from Contact application.
  • Easily edit MMS messages after attaching video files.
  • Improved connectivity to Exchange server and Exchange
    ActiveSync® email notifications.

Sounds pretty nifty, right? If you want to get a little more detail regarding the 2.2 update and it’s features, feel free to dig in to the official PDF from Verizon yourself.


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Droid Nerds Android News Weekly Wrap Up 9-17-10

Droid Nerds Weekly Wrap Up. Consisting of a few of our headlines from this week! We Are Doing a Weekly Wrap Up every Friday so keep watching and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel!

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