Samsung Fascinate Receives Long Awaited Froyo

This morning Verizon announced the 2.2 official Android update for the Samsung Fascinate which fixes several compatibility issues and includes various improvements system-wide. Some of the improvements included are the updated Browser, complete with compatibility for Adobe Flash Player 10.1! Although 2.2 has unofficially been out for the Fascinate for some time, the Verizon update is quick and painless and still gives you the bonus features of the 2.2 system. Many apps on the market require it to work correctly and will give speed improvements throughout the system. A few of the apps include Skype, Yahoo Mail, and Cordy (which requires 2.2 to even launch). This still leaves us with one question; when are we getting Gingerbread?

You can get some more information on the update in This PDF by Verizon.

And head on over to to get your step by step instructions to download and install it on yours today.

Samsung Fascinate Receives Another Update

Heads up Fascinate owners, Verizon’s got another update ready for you- and hopefully this one won’t have any bugs like the last one did. The update will be rolling out starting today, and will include enhancements such as:

  • Widgets now refresh based on the defined refresh time interval
  • Enhanced backlight display
  • Ability to use special characters in corporate email passwords
  • Ability to open any PDF attachments sent in an email
  • Increased security by hiding your 3G mobile hotspot password while typing
  • Improved stand-alone GPS performance
  • Music now pauses if you unplug your wired headset or turn off your bluetooth headset
  • Improved the update consistency of the feed and widgets
  • Ability to change the reminder time and alert tone for calendar events
  • Updated version of VCAST Videos, City ID, VZ Navigator and Amazon Kindle

As always, you can grab the update via OTA (when it rolls out to your device), or do it manually. If you’d feel more comfortable with step by step instructions, that’s not a problem either. Just jump over to Verizon’s page and check out the PDF Guide for Installing the Update.

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Verizon Now Offering Droid Incredible, Samsung Fascinate, Droid R2-D2 for $100 w/ 2-year Contract

Starting today, Verizon is throwing some super-sweet deals out at us for devices such as the Samsung Fascinate, Continuum, HTC DROID Incredible and the DROID R2-D2. Right now you can pick up any of the previously listed devices for only $100 after signing a 2-year contract. The other good news is that Big Red is also going to be doing some additional one-day sales for their “10 days of sweet deals” up until February 10th. So if any of those devices didn’t strike your interest, then stay posted online because you never know if they just might toss in the Droid X or Droid 2 Global for the same deal!

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Verizon Makes Motorola Droid Pro and Samsung Fascinate Updates Official

It seems even though we had the heads up prior to this announcement, Verizon has just now started releasing advertisements regarding updates for both the Samsung Fascinate and Motorola Droid Pro. Who knows why the Big Red delays these kinds of things, but at any rate you know the drill. Tap over to your Settings > Software Update and grab the latest and greatest.

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OTA Update Hits Samsung Fascinate Devices; Not Android 2.2

Just a heads up to all you Samsung Fascinate owners out there, a new update has started rolling out for the pickings. The bad news is it’s not Android 2.2 (just yet), but it’s still one step closer than before. The new upgrade brings enhancements such as:

  • Ability to use special characters in corporate email passwords
  • Increased security by hiding your 3G Mobile Hotspot password while typing
  • Ability to open any PDF attachments sent in an email
  • Improved stand-alone GPS performance

So, if you haven’t done so… Tap your Settings > Software Update and get to freshening up that Galaxy S device, would you? Oh, and if you don’t happen to see it available yet don’t panic. As with all OTA updates, it may take its sweet time to hit your device.


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Android 2.2 Hits Canada on Vibrant and Fascinate Devices

As of yesterday, those over in Canada have access to a couple sweet new updates for their Android devices. The Samsung Vibrant on Bell, SaskTel and Virgin Mobile is now Froyo ready, along with the Samsung Fascinate on Telus. Users will need the Kies Software to update their devices to 2.2, which is no big deal- just not as convenient as an OTA update. But we’re glad to see that at least someone is getting these updates. Maybe those of us in the states might get lucky before the years end.

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Verizon Announces Black Friday Specials You Won't Want to Miss!

Listen up! Because Verizon’s loading us up with more Black Friday specials for a number of different devices. With offers such as a free LG Vortex after $100 Mail-in Rebate, $99 Samsung Continuum ($100 Rebate), and a huge list of buy-one get any phone of equal or lesser value deals. Go on, and check out the list below and see if anything tickles your fancy.

  • LG Vortex: FREE ($100 MIR) (11/25-11/26) – Instant Rebate on 11/26 only
  • Samsung Continuum: $99 ($100 MIR) (11/25-11/26)
  • BlackBerry Bold: $49 ($100 MIR) (11/25-11/26)

Plus, on Black Friday (11/26) ONLY, Buy any of the above devices, and Get a FREE Jawbone Icon Hero – a $100 value! (while supplies last).

  • Black Friday Specials Weekend Specials (11/25 – 11/29): Android
  • Droid Incredible $149 ($100 MIR) BOGA
  • Droid2 $149 ($100 MIR) BOGA
  • Droid2 Global $199 ($100 MIR)
  • Droid X $199 ($100 MIR)
  • Droid Pro $179 ($100 MIR)
  • Motorola Citrus $29 ($100 MIR)
  • LG Ally $99 ($100 MIR)
  • LG Vortex $79 ($100 MIR) (11/27-11/29)
  • Sam Continuum $199 ($100 MIR) (11/27-11/29)
  • Sam Fascinate $199 ($100 MIR) BOGA

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Froyo Update for Canadian Galaxy S Coming Soon

Samsung Mobile Canada announced on their Facebook page that Galaxy S devices will be getting an update to Froyo (Android 2.2) soon. The Captivate on Rogers and the Vibrant on Bell are looking at December for their update while early 2011 is when the Fascinate on TELUS is expected. Good news for all Galaxy S users world wide as they are defiantly working on upgrading the models. I would expect the American versions to have a similar time frame although nothing has been announced just yet.

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Samsung Fascinate receives update; Android 2.2 due in October

Verizon has pushed out another update, this time it’s for the Samsung Fascinate. As much as we’d all like it to be Android 2.2, it’s sadly not. Although any update is better than none, right? Upon downloading this software upgrade you’ll get enchancements such as:

  • Improved Enterprise Exchange password alerts
  • Faster switching to 3G services from 1x
  • Prompt notifications when switching to Airplane mode
  • Improved syncing between your device and email accounts
  • Instant notification of visual voice mail messages on your messaging bar
  • Easily search your device during calls

Although it’s not Froyo’s sweetness, the good news is that Fascinate users should expect their Android 2.2 fix sometime in October.

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Verizon and Bing news update for the Fascinate got the inside word directly from Verizon on this hot topic of Bing on their new Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate. The offical word is that Bing will always be the defalut search engine. However once the Froyo (Android 2.2) update comes out for the phone, users will be able to download the Google Search app and use it instead. Verizon suggested that users make Google their browser homepage should they want to use it instead. They also said that you could download the Voice Search application from the Market and that would always be the Google search when used. Guess the plot thickens, and honestly this doesn’t really change the game that much.


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