Samsung Galaxy Tab gets the Exclusive 'Touch MTV' App

If you have any kind of dignity whatsoever, then surely you won’t be upset that your brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab didn’t come with the “Touch MTV” App. Let me explain. MTV Networks International and Samsung teamed up to develop this app aimed for the trendy-crowd, that just couldn’t miss the most recent re-runs of Jersey Shore and The Hills. Not saying that the “Touch MTV” app is necessarily a bad idea, considering these shows are what’s “in”, right? The good news is that this deal was strictly said in stone with MTV Networks International. So that means the folks over in Germany, Croatia, Holland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland will be the lucky one’s that will get first dibs on this super-awesome app. As for the rest of us in the States, consider ourselves lucky.

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Samsung Releases Source Code for Galaxy Tab

For those of you who haven’t already taken the liberty and rooted the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you should be happy know that Samsung has officially released the Source Code for the tablet. This is an awesome chance for many developers to get there hands dirty. So if you haven’t done so yet- Jump over to Samsung’s Open Source Release Center and grab it why don’t ya?

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Rogers Offering Mixed Pricing on Samsung Galaxy Tabs

Rogers is now offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab to their Canadian customers. The additional good news is that they’ve got a few different purchasing options to choose from. To grab the Galaxy Tab with no contract and no obligations, it’s yours for $674.99 out the door. If you sign up for a 1-year deal, it’s $599.99, for 2-years it’s $564.99, and for 3-years you can get it at the cheapest price of $539.99. So there you have it! Plenty of choices, plenty of time to choose!

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Canada's Bell Mobility set to Launch Samsung Galaxy Tab November 12th

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is making its rounds this month as carriers across the country prepare for the US release, and it appears that Canada’s Bell Mobility is doing just the same. The Canadian carrier has just announced that they will be launching the Galaxy Tab November 12th, over its HSPA+ Network and will be SMS-capable. This is great news for our neighbors to the north, as they too will be able to enjoy one of the most anticipated Android tablets of the year. No details have leaked on availability for pre-orders or pricing, but surely it’s soon to come.


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Start Viewing Everything in Full Screen with the Samsung Galaxy Tab [VIDEO]

For you Samsung Galaxy Tab owners out there, you may have noticed that not every app is displayed to the Tabs full screen capacity. It’s quite disheartening isn’t it? If you’re wishing you could enjoy your downloaded apps on all 7-inches of the Galaxy Tab, then today is your lucky day. Thanks to the Spare Parts application, which can be downloaded at the Android Market, and a couple reboots of the Galaxy Tab, you can start viewing everything the way it was meant to be seen; Fullscreen! Take a look at the video above for a walk-through on just how to accomplish this simple task, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

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Samsung unveils 7-inch Super AMOLED Panels

Samsung is preparing for their new addition to their next tablet by debuting a 7-inch Super AMOLED panel at the FPD International exhibition in Japan in two weeks. Sporting a 1200 x 600 resolution, this display is certainly wider than the Galaxy Tab’s 1024 x 600 display. If you recall, there were rumors prior to the Galaxy Tab’s release that the tablet would come stock with a Super AMOLED display. Unfortunately that plan never came to fruition. Let’s wait and see what Samsung conjures up with these new crisp panels to show off.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab gets Gutted [VIDEO]

Well we knew this would happen, as with every piece of new technology. Our fellow gadget-guru’s need to completely gut electronics is a legit addiction, and there’s no stopping it. This time, we’re taking a look inside the all new Samsung Galaxy Tab. Thanks to jkkmobile, we get a good look at the seemingly well-built Android tablet. Take a peek at the video below for a thorough run-through of the insides. It’s always better to watch someone else do the investigating so you don’t have to, right?

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Android News Weekly Wrap Up 10-29-2010

Droid Nerds Weekly Wrap Up. Consisting of a few of our headlines from this week! We will be Doing a Weekly Wrap Up every Friday so keep watching. For more Android News don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel!

Sprint offering $50 towards Media Hub with any Epic 4G or Galaxy Tab Purchase

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to go out and grab yourself an Epic 4G, Sprint has just thrown another sweet offer in our faces to entice us even more. Starting October 31st, Sprint is giving everyone who buys an Epic 4G a $50 credit to use towards the Samsung Media Hub. Upon purchase you’ll be sent a 10-digit promotion code via text message that you can use for most movies in the Media Hub. (Some restrictions apply)

This offer is only valid through January 8th, 2011 and has some fine print details to the deal we feel we should mention. The code must be used within 60 days after activating it, so as soon as you grab your first rental, you’re officially on the clock. Not a bad deal if you think about it. Word is that Sprint is also throwing in the same offer for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It’s obvious that Samsung wants to get their Media Hub on the front lines, so what better way to get the ball rolling before the holidays?

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US Cellular picks up the Samsung Galaxy Tab

There’s no stopping Samsung at this point. Now picking up US Cellular, the fifth carrier here in the States to offer the Galaxy Tab, Samsung surely has money on the mind and aims to keep it that way. Of course, US Cellular hasn’t announced pricing nor a release date, so we’re stuck guessing for the time being. Will they be able to top T-Mobile’s November 10th date for launch? We’ll soon find out.

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