Why Android is truly better than iOS

This article is in response to AT&T – The main reason why iPhone users switch to Droids posted in the forums by user Zippity. They posted,

“I’ve heard nothing but bad reviews about AT&T as a phone service and a provider. I’m not too keen on how many Droid phones have this carrier, but I know that there aren’t many, since At&T backs up the iPhone more.

Does any Droid-user have anything positive to say about this carrier? Personally, I’ll stick with Verizon all the way. “

This is my educated opinion on the matter:

AT&T absolutely has the best network. They have the fastest network compared to any other carrier no matter which generation you look at. AT&T’s 3G (3rd Generation) is faster than 4G for Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. What really sets them apart for me however is the fact that you can be talking on the phone and go onto the web at the same time! That means I can be talking to one of my friends and look up the movie times with them on the phone. This is something that people on AT&T do not realize is not available on any other carrier.

I hate to break it to you but that statement is not factual. The real reason iPhone users switch to Androids is because Apple sucks. How would you like to be part of a cookie cutter club where everyone looks the same and is allowed to do only certain things. I could go on and on about how much I dislike the iPhone product. If you looked at a real survey, you would find that the people who complain about “AT&T” are iPhone users and real have Apple to thank for their problems. As for Verizon getting the iPhone, its not going to happen…not until 2012. Apple is in contract with AT&T to only have their product on AT&T and trust me they chose them for a reason.

Now what you should concern yourself with when it comes to people switching from Apple to Google is not the carrier but the platform of Android being Open Source. This allows people to do what they want with the OS and truly make it their own. For goodness sake you can create your own applications for Android and share it with other people if you would like and there is no red tape that must be cut five hundred times to get there.

Not only that but things are truly free with Android and not just a free trial. You can really get live Wallpapers and multiple home screens. How about Widgets? Not found on iPhone. Or multitasking? You try playing Pandora, checking an email and have the GPS running all at once. Yup my Android can do that- and that is without it being rooted! I can actually customize all my settings to how I want them. How about OTA (over the air) updates to the device? Apple has to be tethered to the computer to do that.

I have a replaceable battery that I can pop out myself with ease and usually a micro SD card slot that is Hot Swapable and lets me transfer things to any other phone that takes a micro SD card. I have gorilla glass and Super AMOLED displays that resist scratches and don’t shatter when they get dropped two feet. My insurance is standard with a low monthly fee and reasonable deductible. Let us not forget that we on Android have always been able to send picture messages, have never had issues with standard Bluetooth, always had fine signal, and have never been the #1 most stole ITEM in the WORLD. Ya iPhone has failed at all of that.

Sure they have 300,000 apps on their market. We have 100,000 apps (which grew 30,000 in about three months). Keep in mind though that I have no need to choose from ten different tic-tac-toe apps with five price points to choose from. Physical QWERTY keyboard is absolutely an option for me to choose from as well as size of phone and screen, quality of camera, which carrier I am on, levels of experience, and even different amounts of money! Let’s face it people on Android you have options and lots of them. You can do just about whatever it is that your heart desires. Many people are blind to the fabulous marketing Apple has done over the years. And that is just peachy for them. But honestly if you want to be a part of the heard and buy the expensive ‘Smartphone for Dummies’ as I like to refer to it as, then go buy an iPhone. If you would like to be up with technology and forward thinking and really do what YOU want, then come on over to the Android land where all kinds are accepted and there is no preset mold.

As for AT&T, you must remember that SIM cards are absolutely fabulous and GSM is what the majority of the world is running on therefore your phone is always a world phone. Most importantly don’t forget about Rollover. The hands down best value for your money that lets you keep what you bought for future use. I hope this helped clear some things up and do apologize for going away from my review of Windows Phone 7 vs Android OS today like promised, but this caught my eye and I figured that it needed to be addressed.

Please! show this article to your iPhone user buddies and let them read it. I bet their answer to the whole thing will be “I don’t care.” They probably already know that Android is better and would like to be able to do everything you can with your Android, but will still stick to their iPhone as the blinders may never go down.

~Amanda Gray

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Android OS vs Windows Phone 7; the Showdown!! Part 1

Many people are looking for answers on what to buy this holiday season and at the core of any smartphone purchaser is the decision on which Operating System to use. As many of you know the new Windows Phone 7 (WP7) has recently come to the market for consumers to choose from. I have been lucky enough to experience this new OS first hand (that is one of the perks of my job!). Out of the three phones on AT&T, my choice was the Samsung Focus. On a daily basis I use the Samsung Captivate so I figured these two would be a great way to compare the different OS on each. The hardware on the phones are very similar with slight differences so we really have a good chance to have them go neck and neck. We will do 4 Parts to this article to break it up a bit for you. This is Part 1.

Most of you on this site are familiar with the Android OS so I am going to start off by talking about my experience on the WP7 OS. At first glance the Live Tiles are very large and easy to see. You can rearrange them however you would like, delete them quickly or add more to it with ease. These big blocks are always updating and letting you know whats going on in your world. If you get a text message the number of unread messages appears. If there are a bunch of new email in on inbox it tells you the number of those. You can Pin people to the front page and their picture will show up either one you choose or if you link the phone with Facebook, their profile picture. The color of the tiles are pre-set to either be part of the theme color you choose or what Windows chooses them to be. You can change the theme color and have a list of colors to choose from, but can not choose a color by the tile. I would have liked this to be able to customize my tiles more.

When you want to see all the things you have on the phone, you simply slide over to the other page and the full list appears. This is the list to which you can choose from on what to Pin to the home page. These go in alphabetical order and that is your only choice. The design is very simple as all you see is a small square picture and then the title next to that. These are the only two home pages you have and you get to everything else through them.

The emailing on this Focus was great. It was so simple to set up. All you have to do is go into settings and tap on email. You can add as many account as you have right from there. Windows says that you can have an infinite amount of email accounts running on the phone. You can also choose how often each account updates and pulls the emails. I have six accounts going at once with no problems. My Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail all went through smoothly on the setup process. The email from my college had no problems either, although it is set up through Gmail as the server with the school. I did have to do an advanced set up for my corporate email with the server settings and all. It was pretty simple still because I knew my setting already. I did not try an exchange server with mine personally however I have heard others say that it has no problems with those.

When viewing the email the sender comes up very big and you see just the beginning of the message when in the inbox. Once you open one up it is easy to read and quick to reply. All of your options for the email are right at the bottom where you can pop up the menu by tapping on three little dots and after awhile you know what the icons are and do not need the titles of them. Absolutely wonderful feature is the ability to open attachments. Most attachments are based on Windows software like Office and therefore the ability to see them is perfect.

Speaking of that lets talk about the Office suite of features that you use. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all re-installed on the phone. You are able to edit , save, and send without any problems. I was very impressed with this ability but not really surprised as it is a Windows based device. I’m sure that what you are able to do on a WP7 device is what will become the norm for all devices across all OS’ in time. At the moment this is one big perk.

Two other unique things about WP7 is the compatibility with Zune and Xbox Live. Clearly if these are things that you currently use on a regular basis and would like to take them on the go with you on your phone then this will be a big selling point. Much like on an (cringe) iPhone where you use iTunes, the WP7 devices work seamlessly with Zune. With Xbox Live you get to load your gamer dude and play with your normal buddies online. I honestly do not know much more about the Xbox part as I am not a gamer and therefore didn’t use that part of the phone.

The Market Place for the new Windows is lacking to say the least. I think I heard that there was 3,000 apps on there. I would give them the benefit of the doubt in that developers are going to have to play catch up and convert over to the new OS. The old Windows Mobile is sooo completely different that I can only imagine changing an app over is no easy matter. I had a customer who needed to have his bank access on his device and we looked for a Chase app and had no luck finding one. The other thing that I ran into over and over again was the inability to actually download anything. It kept saying to check back in a little while when I attempted to get something off the market. Now I am not sure if this had to do with my SIM Card not being registered with the device or what have you, but it was VERY frustrating. Oh and no Pandora Radio yet…big bummer!

The other thing that I found about the OS was that there was a lack of customizing that you were able to do overall. It is a very what you see is what you get type of OS. You can only change the lock screen image and have no background picture other than black or white. There is no overall menu or options button or part that came up always. You only had the ability to change things around when they let you. Every single WP7 will look the same when you go to the home screen (which you do at any time by hitting the Windows icon at the bottom center). There are not as many ringtone options for different things. It was the little more technical things that were missing for me to really make it my own and to look just the way I want it to.

I think that about covers all of the important things that an OS can really effect. Part 2 will be the run down on the Captivate just like this. That will be posted tomorrow so check back to see what I think about the Captivate and how it operates. Also if you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them.

See you tomorrow!

~Amanda Gray

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AT and amp;T and T-Mobile Likely Candidates for Acer's Liquid Metal Smartphone

Latest word involving the much-anticipated Acer Liquid Metal device has been that AT&T and T-Mobile are considering snatching up the Android device, according to a senior Acer official at a New York City press conference.

It’s already been confirmed that Canada’s Rogers Communications has decided to sell the Liquid Metal smartphone, and is due for it’s launch sometime soon.

This would be a great addition for AT&T, likely taking the title as the most bad-ass Android smartphone on the network.

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AT and amp;T Getting Galaxy Tab November 21st

AT&T is getting the Samsung Galaxy Tablet November 21st. The price is looking like $649.99 without contract. AT&T has yet to come forward formally to tell the public this in a statement, however apparently they have briefed their sales staff on the product. I can’t imagine that they will keep quite much longer considering we are only a week away from their launch of it. We will let you know as soon as we hear more.

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Motorola Droid 2 Global hits Verizon Stores for $199 after Rebate and Contract

If you’ve been waiting for the Droid 2 Global to make its way to Verizon stores, then wait no more! The dual CDMA-GSM smartphone is now available through Big Red for $199 after a $100 mail-in rebate and signing up for a 2-year agreement. If you plan to pick one up with out signing your life away, then it’s a whopping $559.99. That white looks awfully close to the R2-D2 Droid 2, right? Maybe just a little…

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AT and amp;T to have Samsung Galaxy Tablet Soon

AT&T has yet to give an exact date on the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet for their network. An inside source did send us this photo of promotional material highlighting the Galaxy tab. They also said that they will be getting the tab before Thanksgiving. Why the big mystery on the release, we are not sure. But this is good news and encouraging to see that it will absolutely be coming to Big Blue soon!!

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Droid 2 Global being advertised by Verizon

If you called Verizon Wireless and were put on hold today, you may have herd them tell you about the Droid 2 Global. This is the phantom Motorola device that has not been officially announced. Many people have reported hearing the ad while they were on hold but only found out that it would be a world phone with both CDMA and GSM capabilities.

Here are my thoughts on being able to do both; will someone be able to hack this bad boy and be able to put an AT&T or T-Mobile SIM card in it as well? I mean talk about being ablt to compair the different carriers all at once… I know you hackers were thinking the same thing!

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Motorola Defy will be on T-Mobile

A tough device will soon be available for those users who want to have an Android but really need a Tundra. Many people are weary of getting a smartphone today due to the fact that they seem fragile and not exactly inexpensive. Finally Motorola is rolling out a tough phone that is an Android aptly named the Defy. T-Mobile is the reported carrier who will receive this device in Q4. The released specs are as follows:

3.7″ high resolution and scratch resistant touch screen
Water resistant and dust proof
CrystalTalk Plus (a feature that helps with noise reduction and isolates on your voice during calls)
5 megapixel camera with flash and auto focus
DLNA certified
Adobe Flash Lite

The exact version of Android it will be running was not released. It is hard to guess at which it will be as it has Motoblur and Flash running on it. I’m hoping to see at least 2.1 on it but I wont hold my breath. Either way this guy should make a hit and bring in more users who felt like they couldn’t have an Android before, score 1 for Motorola and T-Mobile!

[VIA] Phone Scoop

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