Change the Ringtone on the HTC Evo 4G

For those of you who own a HTC Evo 4G, you may have been wondering, “How can I change my ringtone?” Maybe your just looking to change your phone from sounding like everyone elses. You will find out how to change it in our step by step walk through!

At your HTC Evo 4G homescreen, You will hit the [Menu] button, then select [Settings]

When in Settings, Select [Sound]

Once in Sound, Select [Phone Ringtone].

You will then Select your Ringtone and Hit [OK].

Your ringtone is now changed and set! To get to the home screen you can either hit the Home button on your screen or Repeat hitting the back button till you are back at the home display screen.

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EVO 4G Update breaks through 30 FPS barrier

The latest firmware update for HTC EVO 4G features a little surprise for those of us who felt restricted to the confines of only 30 frames per second. Since the update, it’s been tested and now confirmed that those once woes of framerate limits are no longer! If you haven’t done so already get that EVO updated and enjoy your new boost in performance, would ya?!

[VIA] Engadget

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