Product Review: Clingo Car Mounts

Have you been looking for a good car mount? I have, searching for one that doesn’t take a few minutes to seat your phone in, or too difficult to take your phone out if you get a call. The Clingo car mount is simple and perfect for all of that.

The Clingo mount comes in 3 styles: Vent Mount, Hands Free Mount (suction cup for windows and such), and the Podium mount which lies on a desk. The three models all use the same method to attach to phones: a sticky surface which doesn’t leave a residue and never stops being sticky. All you have to do to attach a mobile phone of any kind is simply place it on the mount, and push. It sticks to the device without leaving any residue behind. If for any reason the pad gets dirty all you have to do is pop it off the mount, run it under water, and wipe with your finger to clean off (as advertised on the box).

The mount uses a ball and socket joint to connect the pad to the holder (vent, glass, podium) so you can adjust the phone to whichever angle or orientation best fits you and change it on the go. The device stays firmly on the pad and is removed by placing one hand on the pad, and another on the device and gently pulling. The mount is easy to put together and install. The only real “down-side” to it is that the sticky surface must be kept clean in order to work the best; so it’s not a bad idea to take it inside once a week or so to wash it off.

The Good:
• Inexpensive
• Well made
• Easy to install
• Works with any phone, iPod, and even held up my 10” tablet
• Easy to service, just rinse under water

The not So Good:
• There’s really nothing I can complain about, it’s a great product!

The three mounts are available in the DroidNerds accessories store ranging from $19 – $28, depending on the frame you get. Check them out here: Clingo Mounts on the Accessory store

Skeptical about how well they work? This video should help with that…

Android Smartphones preferred over iPhone, says Nielson

Today, studies conducted by Nielsen Media Research (NMR)- the most distinguished American firm that measures media audiences- were released, showing how things have changed in the smartphone world.

The results show a huge difference is customer preference for smartphones from the middle of last year and the last few months.

According to NMR, people who were interested in buying a smartphone in July-September of 2010 had the following favorites: “A third (33%) wanted an Apple iPhone. Slightly more than a quarter (26%) said they desired a device with the Google Android operating system (OS). And 13 percent said they wanted a RIM Blackberry.”

Now, the latest numbers collected from January to March of 2011, show that Android has risen to 31%, and Apple’s iOS has fallen in the slightest to 30%. RIM Blackberry has fallen a few percents to 11, and nearly 20% of smartphone consumers are clueless about what to get next.

Nielson goes further by saying these stats are already turning into real sales. According to their blog, half the peopled surveyed in March of this year who bought smartphones in the last six months said they selected Android devices.

New Pics of the Samsung S5830 Emerge

Although we didn’t see the device at CES this year, the Samsung S5830 will be making an appearance at MWC in Barcelona, Spain in February. You may notice that the S5830 looks strangely similar to our arch-enemy the iPhone 4, with the exception of some hardware specs that make it stand apart.

  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • 5-megapixel camera w/ LED flash
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 720p HD recording
  • Up to 32GB micro-SD card support
  • Bluetooth & Wifi

With no info on what the processor or RAM is on the S5830, we can’t really determine if this will really be a ground breaking device or not. We’ll keep everyone updated as we hear more on this upcoming Android.

[VIA] TalkAndroid

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Why Android is truly better than iOS

This article is in response to AT&T – The main reason why iPhone users switch to Droids posted in the forums by user Zippity. They posted,

“I’ve heard nothing but bad reviews about AT&T as a phone service and a provider. I’m not too keen on how many Droid phones have this carrier, but I know that there aren’t many, since At&T backs up the iPhone more.

Does any Droid-user have anything positive to say about this carrier? Personally, I’ll stick with Verizon all the way. “

This is my educated opinion on the matter:

AT&T absolutely has the best network. They have the fastest network compared to any other carrier no matter which generation you look at. AT&T’s 3G (3rd Generation) is faster than 4G for Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. What really sets them apart for me however is the fact that you can be talking on the phone and go onto the web at the same time! That means I can be talking to one of my friends and look up the movie times with them on the phone. This is something that people on AT&T do not realize is not available on any other carrier.

I hate to break it to you but that statement is not factual. The real reason iPhone users switch to Androids is because Apple sucks. How would you like to be part of a cookie cutter club where everyone looks the same and is allowed to do only certain things. I could go on and on about how much I dislike the iPhone product. If you looked at a real survey, you would find that the people who complain about “AT&T” are iPhone users and real have Apple to thank for their problems. As for Verizon getting the iPhone, its not going to happen…not until 2012. Apple is in contract with AT&T to only have their product on AT&T and trust me they chose them for a reason.

Now what you should concern yourself with when it comes to people switching from Apple to Google is not the carrier but the platform of Android being Open Source. This allows people to do what they want with the OS and truly make it their own. For goodness sake you can create your own applications for Android and share it with other people if you would like and there is no red tape that must be cut five hundred times to get there.

Not only that but things are truly free with Android and not just a free trial. You can really get live Wallpapers and multiple home screens. How about Widgets? Not found on iPhone. Or multitasking? You try playing Pandora, checking an email and have the GPS running all at once. Yup my Android can do that- and that is without it being rooted! I can actually customize all my settings to how I want them. How about OTA (over the air) updates to the device? Apple has to be tethered to the computer to do that.

I have a replaceable battery that I can pop out myself with ease and usually a micro SD card slot that is Hot Swapable and lets me transfer things to any other phone that takes a micro SD card. I have gorilla glass and Super AMOLED displays that resist scratches and don’t shatter when they get dropped two feet. My insurance is standard with a low monthly fee and reasonable deductible. Let us not forget that we on Android have always been able to send picture messages, have never had issues with standard Bluetooth, always had fine signal, and have never been the #1 most stole ITEM in the WORLD. Ya iPhone has failed at all of that.

Sure they have 300,000 apps on their market. We have 100,000 apps (which grew 30,000 in about three months). Keep in mind though that I have no need to choose from ten different tic-tac-toe apps with five price points to choose from. Physical QWERTY keyboard is absolutely an option for me to choose from as well as size of phone and screen, quality of camera, which carrier I am on, levels of experience, and even different amounts of money! Let’s face it people on Android you have options and lots of them. You can do just about whatever it is that your heart desires. Many people are blind to the fabulous marketing Apple has done over the years. And that is just peachy for them. But honestly if you want to be a part of the heard and buy the expensive ‘Smartphone for Dummies’ as I like to refer to it as, then go buy an iPhone. If you would like to be up with technology and forward thinking and really do what YOU want, then come on over to the Android land where all kinds are accepted and there is no preset mold.

As for AT&T, you must remember that SIM cards are absolutely fabulous and GSM is what the majority of the world is running on therefore your phone is always a world phone. Most importantly don’t forget about Rollover. The hands down best value for your money that lets you keep what you bought for future use. I hope this helped clear some things up and do apologize for going away from my review of Windows Phone 7 vs Android OS today like promised, but this caught my eye and I figured that it needed to be addressed.

Please! show this article to your iPhone user buddies and let them read it. I bet their answer to the whole thing will be “I don’t care.” They probably already know that Android is better and would like to be able to do everything you can with your Android, but will still stick to their iPhone as the blinders may never go down.

~Amanda Gray

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Tired of AT and amp;T and iPhone? Cellular South is Offering $100 Credit Towards a New Android

So you’re stuck on AT&T with an iPhone, and you’ve been chomping at the bit to get your hands on a real device, say… an ANDROID! Well, Cellular South is sympathizing with you and offering you a deal. If you break that contract with AT&T and bring in your iPhone to Cellular South, they’ll give you a $100 credit towards the purchase of a new device. Not bad, right?

Let’s not forget, that early termination fee is going to cost you a pretty penny, and not to mention- even with $100 off a new device, you’re still going to fork out some serious dough to make this thing happen. But, to each their own. There’s a deal for everyone, and this just may be yours if you’re looking to depart from those lovely folks over at AT&T.

[VIA] Phandroid

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Verizon's Sloppy Photo Editing Displays iPhone Screen on Droid X in Cyber Monday Ad

This is a short and sweet one, but we thought it was well worth the post nonetheless. Verizon’s Cyber Monday offers page displays the Droid X, only there’s something completely wrong with this picture. Last time I checked, I don’t recall Google Maps on any Android device looking like the iPhone version. Talk about a photo-editing FAIL!

[VIA] Engadget

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Content Rating System Being Added to Android Market

We’ve heard the upcoming changes to the Android Market that Google announced last week, and now it looks like we’ve got a little bit more to expect for the upcoming release of Gingerbread. It’s now going to become mandatory for all developers to add a content rating to all apps published on the Android Market. Categories will include All, Pre-teen, Teen, and Mature. Those who do not update their listings with a rating will automatically be rated “Mature”, making it very likely that the developers sales will decrease until updated.

It seems the Android Market is finally catching up to some of the common standards of Apple’s App Store, and it’s a good thing too. Such a rating system can do nothing but improve sales all around, and make it a safer store for you to pick out the appropriate app for you kids.

[VIA] TechTree

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Android on iPhone?

I was curious if anyone had ever attempted to put Google’s Android OS on Apple’s iPhone, and what I stumbled across was this video. Although the OS isn’t able to use all the iPhones hardware it still runs. Maybe in the future their will be a better release of the OS, which is capable of using the device for all it’s worth. To me the iPhone is a very nice device in form and appeal, but I would rather use the Android OS.

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Measure Air Pollution through this App

Take that iPhone users! Android is the first OS to get this new app that lets you take a picture of the sky and find out about the air pollution then and there. It helps scientists collect real data and its kinda cool to know if you are breathing in toxic air or not! The best news is that it is currently FREE. Check it out and see what you think and we will do the same: Visibility.


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