Samsung Galaxy S and Tab Getting Gingerbread

Today, Samsung announced that the update for Gingerbread will be coming to the Galaxy S smartphone and Galaxy Tab; also the Android 2.3 upgrade will be stretched to the Galaxy Ace, Gio, Fit, and Samsung’s mini phones.

According to Samsung’s site, Gingerbread will be available first in the UK and Nordic countries, then throughout the rest of the world shortly.

When that time comes, you can grab the upgrade via Kies, Samsung’s device management software; Kies can be found at

Android 2.2 Finally Hits AT and amp;T Samsung Captivate; Requires Mini Kies

Holy Moses, it’s official! Android 2.2 has finally been launched for the AT&T Samsung Captivate. So that’s the good news- the bad news is we weren’t graced with the ease of an OTA update. This Froyo upgrade requires the Mini Kies software to update. If you’re not familiar with this application, don’t fret. There’s a very thorough explanation on how to update your Samsung Captivate on Samsung’s website.

Kind of funny that right when I upgrade to the Motorola Atrix 4G, Android 2.2 rolls out for the Captivate which I’ve been using since it was launched. Coincidence? I think NOT!

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Rogers Rolls Out Android 2.2 Update for Samsung Captivate

Some more good news comes to Canadian owners of the Samsung Captivate, as Rogers has finally rolled out Android 2.2 updates to their customers. The Froyo update comes through the Kies software, so if you don’t have that package installed already, you may want to jump on that beforehand. Does this mean that those of us in the states on the AT&T Captivate might see our 2.2 launch soon? Well, we won’t hold our breath- that’s for sure.


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Android 2.2 Hits Canada on Vibrant and Fascinate Devices

As of yesterday, those over in Canada have access to a couple sweet new updates for their Android devices. The Samsung Vibrant on Bell, SaskTel and Virgin Mobile is now Froyo ready, along with the Samsung Fascinate on Telus. Users will need the Kies Software to update their devices to 2.2, which is no big deal- just not as convenient as an OTA update. But we’re glad to see that at least someone is getting these updates. Maybe those of us in the states might get lucky before the years end.

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Android 2.2 Launch Announced on Virgin Mobile, SaskTel and Bell

Following up on Bell’s announcement that they were rolling out Froyo updates for the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, it appears that Virgin Mobile and SaskTel are jumping on board as well. A recent tweet by SamsungCA confirms that the two carriers have indeed launched the Android 2.2 update for the Galaxy S device. The bad news is that Samsung still thinks it’s a better idea to not let users grab this update OTA, and rather through the Kies software instead.

Oh well, it’s a little more work than we’d like but for Froyo… we can suck it up.

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Three UK Launches Android 2.2 for Samsung Galaxy S

Three UK has finally announced its update to Android 2.2 is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S. Updates began rollling out first thing on Monday this week, and instead of being accessed via OTA, the company has decided to hand out the updates through the Kies software instead. Considering the OTA method is far much easier and convenient, many folks aren’t too pleased with the updating process, noting that they can’t get their devices connected to the PC properly or that the device isn’t being recognized. Overall, it’s a minor bump in the road to get to Froyo’s goodness that we’re sure majority of us are willing to take, despite the headaches it may cause along the way.


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