Google Now Updated for Jelly Bean Devices

Those of you fortunate enough to be running jelly bean on your devices definitely need to head on over the play store and update Google Search. Google Now will include the ability to see movies and showtimes. There has also been additional options added to the settings menu that will allow you to see how well your favorite teams are doing in real-time. Last but not least the program will now provide emergency alerts such as storm and earthquake warnings if you are in the area. Head on over to the Play Store and see for yourself.

Uniwar HD – A Turn Based Strategy Game For Free Off of the Amazon App Store Today

If there’s one game genre that doesn’t have nearly enough games in the market, it’s real time strategy. While it’s not completely void of the game type, finding a good one on the Play Store is tough. There are a few developers who have taken some time to develop some smaller time titles including Tropical Stormfront, Great Little War Game, Uniwar, among a few select others. Today you can grab one of the better looking turn based ones off of the Amazon Play Store for free: Uniwar HD.

I believe that the touchscreen platform is really missing out on a lot of potential with the lack of strategy games for the touch based style. Games could take advantage of the screen for multi-unit select, and other layout commands (which you can get a taste of in Tropical Stormfront). Most of the games that are available are games that have been seen on multiple platforms and systems and they retain the same type of game style; they all feel like you’re playing mobile game. While that’s not terrible, they really could accomplish much more.

It’s still a mobile game, but a good one

Uniwar HD is no different in the style of the game being based around something that you would see on a Nintendo DS or something of the sort; the game is simple, fun, looks great, and is a good time killer when you just want to play some turn based strategy games. While the game doesn’t offer Tegra3 style graphics, it does keep a crisp look even on larger tablet screens.

The gameplay is a simple touch-based strategy game with a point and click interface. Clicking on a unit allows you to choose his path and click a contextual menu when the unit arrives there (attack, stay, cancel). Units consist of health points and become weaker when the health continues to drop. There are 8 units available to play with consisting from ground soldiers, to tanks, helicopters, and battleships.

Finally, some multiplayer!

While the game offers a pretty straightforward game design, it does include a few features that many of the other games do not, mainly a single player campaign and a multiplayer function. The game requires a uniwar account but can be played to battle other players online, or in the same room using the VS function. Don’t have enough time to finish a game? Don’t worry, when exiting the most recent game is saved so you can resume it next time.

The game is by no means perfect, but it’s definitely fun and playable and worth every second of your time considering it’s free on the Amazon App Store today (normally setting you back $5). Make sure to take the time to grab the Amazon app store and download the game today for free. It’s also worth noting that the application works in both portrait and landscape for tablet or phones users that prefer one or the other.

Grab it for FREE off of Amazon


App Aesthetics


App Performance


App Price

  • Graphics are crisp and look great even on larger screens
  • Unfortunately still follows a 2D gaming model, giving you the definite impression that it’s a mobile game
  • It’s fast with great loading times and the ability to preview any level before starting it makes it really nice for chosing your battlefield
  • Offers many features including local and only multiplayer
  • A small variety of about 8 different land, sea, and air units
  • It’s completely free on the Amazon App Store today, and normally available on the Play Store for $5 (so this is a steal, make sure to grab it while you can!)
Worth it?

Pinterest for Android has Arrived

Get your recipes and kitten pictures ready because Pinterest is finally out for Android! Fans of the picture sharing service have been eagerly awaiting its’ arrival on the Play Store and they will be happy to know that Pinterest is now available. The Play Store has been filled with 3rd party variants of a Pinterest app for quite some time as the young social service grew. Unfortunately, these are pretty terrible and failed to deliver an enjoyable experience. So, that left Pinterest itself to fill the gap.
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How To – Permanently Have Desktop Mode on Chrome Mobile for Android

If there’s one thing about Chrome for Android that I despise, it’s the lack of being able to permanently set the browser to desktop mode when browsing on our tablet or large phone. Data plans and larger screens allow for us to emulate carrying around a desktop, and it should provide us with a desktop experience without having to muck about with loading the mobile one first. Thanks to Google and it’s fantastic ability to search everywhere at once, we were lucky enough to stumble upon a solution on the Google Chrome Forum. [Read more…]

The Verge Mobile Review

In a sea of overwhelming news sources, users are constantly trying to find better ways of viewing this content. Personally, Twitter has been the best news provider, but there’s always room for improvement. One of the most widespread used news sites of today for technology is The Verge. Recently, The Verge released their own app for Android devices, built by WillowTree Apps, Inc. If you’re a fan of The Verge you’re going to want to see this.
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Vonage Mobile Offers Free International Calling and Texting

Vonage has officially released a new mobile application that offers free calling and texting to anyone around the world who also has the app. Vonage is claiming this app will be a big money saver for customers.

Both parties don’t necessarily have to have the app to communicate. [Read more…]

Valentine Special: T-Mobile Devices Free, One Day Only

If you were thinking of getting your special someone a new smartphone for Valentine’s Day, T-Mobile wants to make sure you get it from them. On Saturday, February 11th, all 4G smartphones (and two Android tablets) will be free. [Read more…]

Deal App for T-Mobile Comes to Android Market

T-Mobile launched the “More for Me” application this week for the Android Market that mirrors deal-centric sites like Groupon.

The app finds you deals based on your location, preferences, and interests; and it’s completely free. It offers discounts on a wide variety of products and services. What’s interesting is that T-Mobile is the first mobile carrier to offer this type of service.

Interested in the full press release? Read on below:

[INDENT]T-Mobile Launches More for Me — Combines Daily Deal Offers Into One Easy Place for Consumers

The beta version of the T-Mobile More for Me application for Android provides personalized offers, discounts and deals to consumers on any mobile operator
BELLEVUE, Wash. — June 15, 2011 — T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced More for Me™, a nationwide aggregation service that offers consumers the best in daily deals. The service is completely free. Beginning today, consumers using nearly any Android™-powered smartphone can download the beta version of the T-Mobile More for Me application from Android Market™ to get the best and timely offers, discounts and deals from some of the biggest names in daily deals tailored to their preferences, location and interests.
More for Me is the first nationwide daily deal aggregation service of its kind from a national wireless carrier. Discounts and deals are generated from popular social buying sites, such as LivingSocial – the online source for handpicked experiences at a great value – as well as exclusive offers from T-Mobile and its partners. Customers can get discounts on a wide variety of products and services, making it easier than ever for people to save money while on the go.
“Consumers are constantly looking for ways to save money and are turning to social buying apps in droves,” said Brad Duea, senior vice president, value added services marketing,
T-Mobile USA. “With T-Mobile’s More for Me application for Android smartphones, we’re bringing together the leading daily deal sites into one easy-to-navigate place so consumers spend less time searching and more time saving.”
The T-Mobile More for Me application is customizable, enabling consumers to find the most relevant deals, closest to their exact location. Users have the opportunity to see deals from a variety of retailers, in nearly any city, with many deals tailored to meet their specific interests and preferences.
“LivingSocial works directly with merchants in all of our 260+ global markets to craft great deals that drive our valuable members through their door,” said Jake Maas, senior vice president, corporate and business development, LivingSocial. “We are excited to bring our handpicked experiences to the millions of consumers who will enjoy T-Mobile’s new More for Me app.”
T-Mobile Android customers, and anyone with an Android-powered mobile phone using Android 1.6 or higher, can download the More for Me application from Android Market for free today.
In partnership with Out There Media, a global leader in mobile advertising, T-Mobile will expand More for Me to reach virtually all of its customers, regardless of phone type, by offering them the option of receiving free text messages of exclusive offers, discounts and deals. The T-Mobile More for Me application is also expected to be built for other popular mobile operating systems later this summer.
In both the application and opt-in text message experience, T-Mobile More for Me enables consumers to specify their interests and demographic information in order to receive the most relevant offers, deals and discounts.
More information on the T-Mobile More for Me application is available at”

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Google Mobile Search Gets Revamped – Again

In the past year Google Mobile has come a long way, starting with just a simple search engine on their phone and evolving to become incredibly optimized for touch based devices and smartphones today. Many of the recently added features include auto-complete, Voice Search, Google Goggles, Google Instant, and Instant search; some of these features had become so popular they are being ported to desktop versions as well (like Voice Search and Search by Image).

Being a fan of Google places, it’s helped me find more than one awesome restaurant in town, it’s nice owning an Android phone so you can use the Google application to search for ratings, reviews, and local places which you didn’t know about. Many people use it when visiting a city or just passing through, but the Places application has also helped me find many local restaurants which are hidden on the outskirts of town. The Google Mobile website now has a built in “Places” function. The function now acts very similarly to the application.

Icons appear below the search bar which are labeled with nearby “places” such as Restaurants, Coffee, and Bars ( shown above). Google incorporated the new feature due to the increased activity on the mobile site when searching for “Places near ______.” Looking for something else? The “more” button included also gives you the freedom to search for a large variety of things such as Fast Food, shops, ATMs, gas stations, and various other local attractions.

You can view the source link at the bottom for the full Google blog to read more on the update as well as previous updates by them.

The new features and improvements can be viewed in the two videos below made by the Google Mobile Blog:

Source: Google Mobile Blog

Motorola Triumph Heading to Virgin Mobile USA: Specifications And Facts

Yearning for an awesome Android device without having to be restricted by some ridiculous contract obligations? Thanks to Virgin Mobile and Motorola, it might be possible.

The Motorola Triumph will be hitting shelves and websites in July and will be equipped with some up-to-date hardware: especially for a prepaid plan. The phone will be equipped with a single-core 1Ghz processor, 4.1” WVGA screen, and front and rear facing cameras to provide a low-cost media hub to Virgin Mobile users.

The phone features a 5MP camera but is not listed on the fact sheet that it records 720p, only that it has the ability to play it back. Hopefully by the time the phone is released the ability for HD video recording will be included, considering there are plenty of phones out there now with 5MP camera, 1Ghz processor and all of them are able to record, at a minimum, in 720p HD. From the sounds of it, the phone will also not be including a large internal SD card so you will be looking into purchasing a SD card for yourself if you plan on recording, taking pictures, or listening to music. The phone supports up to a 32GB external SD card.

Things to look forward to:
• Doesn’t require a contract – Prepaid through Virgin Mobile
• 5MP rear facing Camera with flash
• VGA front facing camera
• 4.1inch WVGA screen
• Weighs 5.04 ounces (the phone average nowadays according to PhoneArena is 5.7 ounces)
• HDMI output

The less impressive features:
• Does not have large internal memory (if I were to guess I would say 2GB? Not confirmed, but not listed on the fact sheet)
• Comes included with Android 2.2 Froyo, which is a little behind. Would have been nice if it came stock with Gingerbread, hopefully an update will be included later on

You can read the full fact sheet off the official Motorola website as well as visit the store page to request updates and more information on the device in the future.