Sprint Preparing To Launch 10 New Motorola Devices

Sprint is updating their cell lineup with 10+ Motorola phones throughout 2011 including the Photon 4G, XPRT, and the Triumph across their main networks as well as their pre-paid partners. The 10 new Motorola devices will be unveiled to Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile USA customers which will bring a load of up to date devices to the networks.

The Photon is Sprint’s first Motorola 4G smartphone with a dual core Tegra 2 processor to even out the competition with the other providers such as AT&T with the Atrix, and Verizon with the Droid X2 both running Tegra 2 processors. Although the timing of the Photon’s arrival isn’t exactly best, due to the upcoming release of the HTC EVO 3D on Sprint, hopefully the device will hold its own and keep up the competition in the markets.

The Motorola Triumph is the first Motorola Android smartphone to hit Virgin Mobile and is a stepping stone for Virgin Mobile to receive more high-end Androids this year. The Triumph is roughly the same specifications as the Galaxy S line, running a 1Ghz processor with a 5MP rear facing camera as well as a VGA front facing camera. The new mobile device running a 4” screen will be available something this July on www.virginmobileusa.com and retail outlets throughout the nation.

You can read the full press release from Motorola Mobility Inc. here about the renewed business relationship between Sprint and Motorola.

Google Maps Includes Live Transit Updates In New Update

Use public transit often and “try” to keep up to date with the arrival schedule of the buses? Not anymore thanks to Google Mobile’s most recent update which puts live transit updates right in Google Maps.

Google Maps has teamed up with transit companies in Boston, Portland, San Francisco, and San Diego to achieve live departure times to tell you where the bus is and how long until it arrives at a station you tap on. Some of the included features is live departure times and service alerts when getting transit directions. The new update can be found in the Google Maps application, Google Maps Mobile website, and the desktop version of Google Maps so you can keep up to date in with your public transit in all of the 6 cities that are included. Four of the cities are in the US while the other two are in Europe at the moment, but like usual for Google, this is just a test run and will most likely be implemented in various locations within the next few months.

Check out the video below straight from the Google Mobile blog to hear some more information on the update and see it in action:

Source: Google Mobile Blog

Product Review: Clingo Car Mounts

Have you been looking for a good car mount? I have, searching for one that doesn’t take a few minutes to seat your phone in, or too difficult to take your phone out if you get a call. The Clingo car mount is simple and perfect for all of that.

The Clingo mount comes in 3 styles: Vent Mount, Hands Free Mount (suction cup for windows and such), and the Podium mount which lies on a desk. The three models all use the same method to attach to phones: a sticky surface which doesn’t leave a residue and never stops being sticky. All you have to do to attach a mobile phone of any kind is simply place it on the mount, and push. It sticks to the device without leaving any residue behind. If for any reason the pad gets dirty all you have to do is pop it off the mount, run it under water, and wipe with your finger to clean off (as advertised on the box).

The mount uses a ball and socket joint to connect the pad to the holder (vent, glass, podium) so you can adjust the phone to whichever angle or orientation best fits you and change it on the go. The device stays firmly on the pad and is removed by placing one hand on the pad, and another on the device and gently pulling. The mount is easy to put together and install. The only real “down-side” to it is that the sticky surface must be kept clean in order to work the best; so it’s not a bad idea to take it inside once a week or so to wash it off.

The Good:
• Inexpensive
• Well made
• Easy to install
• Works with any phone, iPod, and even held up my 10” tablet
• Easy to service, just rinse under water

The not So Good:
• There’s really nothing I can complain about, it’s a great product!

The three mounts are available in the DroidNerds accessories store ranging from $19 – $28, depending on the frame you get. Check them out here: Clingo Mounts on the Accessory store

Skeptical about how well they work? This video should help with that…

Details revealed for T-Mobile's Samsung Exhibit 4G

Today, T-Mobile gave a bit of info on the upcoming Samsung Exhibit 4G, which we’ll be seeing in stores sometime this month.

We’re looking at what T-Mobile calls “Feature-Rich and Budget-Friendly”; its got a touch-screen display, 1GHz processor, 3-megapixel camera with flash and front-facing camera with preinstalled video chat, T-Mobile TV, and preloaded extras including Bejeweled 2, Scrabble and Doodle Jump all with a “less than $100 after a $50 mail-in rebate and with a qualifying rate plan on a two-year agreement” …price tag.

You can get the Exhibit 4G in either violet or black when the time comes, which is rumored to be June 8.


Google Mobile Site Receives Another Touch Up

Google has been releasing a lot of new features and updates recently for their mobile site, such as the Google maps being available in browser, and has unveiled its latest update: a major User Interface enhancement for mobile users. The previous Google mobile search used only text which sometimes made it difficult to choose what media you were searching for (images, web, videos, etc). The improved UI now features large buttons which make it much easier to hit on smaller screens and larger screens alike; however, the update only shows after searching for something, for right now atleast. You can access the new mobile site from most mobile Browsers including Android and iOS. Hopefully we’ll be seeing some more updates including a finished mobile site!

Thanks: AndroidCentral

HTC Sensation for T-Mobile Coming This June

The highly anticipated HTC Sensation is almost here; it’ll be hitting stores for T-Mobile on June 15- but is also expected to be available as early as June 12 at select Walmart locations. It’ll be $199 after a $50 mail-in rebate and a two-year contract.

The HTC Sensation will have a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen display, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 8 megapixel camera that can capture 1080p HD video, HTC Sense, and 4G network.

T-Mobile’s Newsroom lists the following preloaded applications for the smartphone:

HTC Watch™: A library of the latest, premium movies and TV shows available for rent or purchase using innovative progressive download technology
HTC Listen™: A VIP pass to a library of millions of songs with the freedom to transfer purchases to another device or computer
T-Mobile® TV: A free selection of live and on-demand TV including news, sports and kids programming, plus full episodes of popular shows
T-Mobile Video Chat powered by Qik™: Video conversations with friends and family through T-Mobile’s network and over Wi-Fi
Slacker Radio: Free, personalized radio with over 150 genre stations and the ability to create your own stations


Android: Your Phone, Your Computer, Your PDA, And Now Your Wallet?

Your phone can do anything from make calls, search Ebay, Stream movies, and now can even be your wallet thanks to Google Wallet. Google plans on releasing an application for Android devices soon which will let Android users store credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, special offers all in the convenience of your mobile phone. No more carrying around wallets full of multiple cards or coupons, it will save space and time having it all in one place.

When released, Google Wallet will have very little support for cards but will over time expand onto multiple companies. It will support Citi MasterCard at first as well as a Prepaid Google Card so the user can simply fill up their card with any kind of payment type instead of having it connected to their actual credit/debit card. They believe in the future the program will be able to hold items such as boarding passes, IDs, and tickets. You can read more on the upcoming software here on the Google Mobile Blog.

Android Applications to a Different Destination

Phone displays a bit too small to enjoy? Ignition Ventures, Radar Partners, Helion Ventures, Redpoint Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz have invested their $7.6 million to BlueStacks so you don’t have to squint your eyes anymore. Now in development is a technology to bring your Android apps to a bigger screen such as your windows running tablets, netbooks, notebooks and desktops.

BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma stated, “Our vision is for an entirely new type of experience that supports the consumer interest in Android and also allows them to access some of the most valuable enterprise applications, enabling them to use their device of choice for work and play. We are currently working with a number of OEM and strategic partners and look forward to bringing our product to market in Q3 of this year.”

Google Maps Now Available On Your Mobile Browser

Announced in Google Mobile’s blog, the new Google Maps can be used directly from inside your mobile browser without any add-ons or applications installed on the side for complete access to an optimized version for any iOS and Android device.

Here’s a list of the new features from the blog:

• See your current location
• Search for what’s nearby with suggest and auto complete
• Have clickable icons of popular businesses and transit stations
• Get driving, transit, biking, and walking directions
• Turn on satellite, transit, traffic, biking, and other layers
• View Place pages with photos, ratings, hours, and more
• When signed into your Google account, access your starred locations and My Maps

These new features can be used anywhere: whether it is your Android tablet, Android mobile phone, or iOS counterpart. I changed the UA string on my browser to be iPhone as well as Android and both worked flawlessly with all of the new features enabled for both devices. Zooming is unable to use multi-touch, of course, but it still has the buttons easily accessible from the left side of the screen. You can visit maps.google.com with your mobile browser to use the improved Google maps and mess with some of the new features.

Latest Firefox Beta for Android has Your Privacy in Mind

It may seem a bit soon for the Firefox 5.0 Beta, since Firefox 4 just came out like eight weeks ago. But, the interesting part is the added feature that many mobile users are definitely going to appreciate- on top of improved speeds and performance, the Firefox 5 Beta for Android offers customers a ‘Do Not Track’ privacy option.

“Do Not Track to give users more control over the way their browsing behavior is tracked and used online. It enables users to tell websites if they prefer to opt-out of online behavioral tracking,” reads Mozilla’s blog.

It’s simple enough, you can easily switch the privacy option on or off in the preferences. Grab the browser here.

In case you’re interested, Firefox has the same ‘Do Not Track’ feature on their desktop version as well.

Via Firefox Blog