Minecraft Coming To Android – First Device To Receive Is Xperia PLAY

This is some news that is going to make a lot of gamers very happy, developer Mojang has confirmed that there will be an Android and iOS version of Minecraft. Although the version that will be released is not necessarily going to be the full version of the game, it will include a large amount of features that are easily usable on touch screen devices.

The first port of this PC game is heading straight to the brand new Sony Xperia Play but will be adapted to various other Android and iOS devices as well, the developer Mojang has already confirmed. The game will offer customized controls for the built in gamepad on the Xperia but will also include a touch based interface for future development with other Android phones.

Mojang has said that the mobile versions will be following in the PC’s footsteps with a beta type release and will be frequently updated with new additions and optimizations for the mobile crowd. If you would like to read more on the release, you can click the source links below as well as follow Notch on Twitter (The picture from above was tweeted by him), who posts frequent updates about development with Minecraft.

Source Gamasutra- Minecraft Coming To Xperia First, Minecraft Official iOS And Android Release, Notch’s Twitter