HTC Desire has Gone Senseless for Telstra

Yes, this is still going. More news for the whole HTC Desire Gingerbread thing. Telstra- a telecommunications and media company in Australia- has come up with their own solution to the “not enough space for Gingerbread” ordeal with the phone.

Quick recap: the Desire’s Facebook page said Gingerbread was impossible for the phone, and they’d never sacrifice HTC Sense. Then the next day they took it back and promised they’d figure it out somehow. Within a day or two they had their solution: scrape a little off the top of the “special HTC Desire experience” or something. Basically they were gunna cut back on the extras and make room for the 2.3 update.

But Telstra decided they had no desire for the special Android UI whatsoever, and figured it made more sense to cut it out completely (see what i did there?). So they’re introducing the Gingerbread updated HTC Desire, sans Sense in Australia.