Terraria On Android – Branches Application Review

If you’ve owned a Steam account before, or currently do, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Terraria; Terraria is a side-scrolling RPG that allows you to use the environment to your advantage to tunnel, build, craft, and fight against various creatures. Having invested over 40 hours into the desktop game, I feel that the game could have a great touch interface and enjoyable gameplay for Android. Developer Brad Gearon has created a link that allows you to run your copy (that means you must own the desktop version) on Android through his conversion kit and application called Branches.

How well does it run?

     Running a desktop game on a mobile platform is no easy feat, but thanks to modern day hardware and Brad’s conversions tools we are able to have a nice start. Every game and port in its early stages has bugs, and this is no exception. Currently the levels load but can peak anywhere from 300-500MB+ which means that you’re going to have to have a higher-end device. If you have a device similar to the Galaxy S II and up, then you should be able to play it no problem. In our experience on the Transformer Prime, the game was virtually lag-free with no issues (minus the shading issue, which you can see in the video we put up of it). While the game runs beautifully there are some bugs associated with it still being in a beta release: one of the more important is the lack of a inventory button (without having it bound to a hardware key). Due to the lack of the software button, which the developer says should be fixed shortly, you are unable to open the inventory and therefore save your progress in the game; however, we were able to bind the inventory button to our keyboard on the prime which allowed us to open the menu and save the game properly.

     The few issues that we’ve encountered so far seem to be the shading issue and the missing buttons. The shading error can be seen every time you jump when the ground shading will cascade up over the properly lit area with black boxes: like we’ve said before, it’s a minor annoyance and definitely not a game breaker. The missing buttons case the game to be a bit tough at times, considering the jump button is non-existent visually, but is still placed in the correct area as far as function goes. So if you can keep hitting in the same spot, it’s not a big deal either. As we’ve already discussed, the missing inventory button causes the largest issue, but is easily overcome by a hardware keyboard or button.

     With the upcoming build improving performance by nearly 200%, the game could really soar when loading on even the oldest devices. The developer stated that with the new tiling engine that he was able to run the game with approximately 120MB of ram, peaking at 240MB or so during the world loading process; with the new engine coming out, devices as old as the Xperia Play (by old I mean dated hardware) would be able to easily play the game.

How do we get it?

     First off, you have to purchase the desktop version of Terraria (and you’re going to need a desktop to run the software to download it and convert it). The game is available through the Steam Client for $9.99 and is downloaded and installed for a grand total of ~50MB (depending on the amount of worlds you have). Once it’s downloaded and installed you need to launch the game at least once, then create a character and a world.You must own the game and a desktop so you can start the game to create the person and the world, keeping piracy to a minimum.

     After you have downloaded and installed the game you will need to follow the instructions given on his website, or watch the Youtube video that we have created, to prepare the game for your Android device. The process is simple and the developer has made it easier thanks to the ability to convert the game, then push it automatically to the SD card if your device is connected via ADB. The final step is to install the Branches apk which launches the loader and the converted game. The apk gives you the ability to change up a few settings, including keymappings, and configure sync to dropbox for the full game if you wish to play it cross-platform style.

     The game is a great game for both desktops and mobile devices together. Brad is doing all this work for free, accepting donations as a way for you to give back; make sure you do, this is a lot of work for him to share to everyone without asking for a dime. That being said, the apk and conversion tool is provided as-is and there is no telling whether it will be fully supported on your device, although we’ve had no issues running it on all of ours so far. So if you have the game, or are interested in purchasing it, head on over to Brad’s blog with the link provided below to grab the conversion tool and apk to get started. We’ll also provide links to the Steam page to allow new users to purchase the game. It’s well worth the money, and having a cross-platform mobile version makes it that much better.

Brad’s Blog/Website

Terraria available through Steam

How to install, and a brief look at Gameplay on the tablet


App Aesthetics


App Performance


App Price

  • The UI could use some work, right now the on screen D-Pad is a bit difficult to see
  • There are a few missing buttons at the moment, making gameplay tricky but not impossible
  • The game requires a higher-end device, such as a Galaxy S II and up (basically 1GB RAM and a speedy Dual Core processor)
  • There are some minor graphical issues in the game, mostly shading, but nothing that is game-breaking
  • You will need a PC to convert the files
  • It’s completely free if you own the game!
  • It is $9.99 to purchase the desktop application through Steam to allow you to convert it
  • If you do end up using it, make sure to give a donation. This is a lot of hard work for free
Worth it?


  1. Axyl says:

    yeah, but installing it is a massive pain in the neck if you, like me are new to Android.
    A link to the Steam page for the game is fine ‘n all, but how about a tutorial or video on installing it to your phone? :)

    However, great article. Really informative. Both me and my Galaxy S3 look forward to seeing if we agree with your review. hehe 😀

  2. kwondot says:

    hi i hav an xperia play an dwhen i try to open the branches app it keeps closing plz help

    • droidnerds says:

      If you have followed the correct steps, then as reported with a few other Play users, you might not be able to play it on your device until the new tiling engine is released due to the Play having 512MB of RAM… You could try creating a small world on the PC and importing that, also clicking lazy load textures could help.

      • kwondot says:

        ill try that ty

      • kwondot says:

        how can i enable lazy load textures where do i find it?

      • kwondot says:

        hmm well mayb i should just w8 i dont no my when i open branch the screen goes black and shuts app closes just trying to make sure were u supposed to put branch folder and bag apk together?

        • droidnerds says:

          Lazy load textures is in the settings menu when you launch the application. You just need to put the branches folder in your internal storage, The apk just needs to be installed then you can delete it

  3. Thomas says:

    On my galaxy s3 I try to open branches (i chose a medium world) it shows a black screen, then goes back to the home screen

  4. Vega says:

    Yes, it’s cool, but this game in this case is not be actual on the mobile platforms about 2 years or more, before ~50% tablets don’t have about 2gb of ram and ~1.5ghz 2+ cores cpu, like top devices now.
    Man, don’t forget about real life, you just wasting your time for others, because you make free and useless job.

  5. Liam says:

    Just installed on my new galaxy S4, workswhen the phone is vertical, but as soon as you change it to horizontal game closes/crashes. impossible to play vertically, great effort though, impressed.

  6. Asstroll says:


  7. Barack Obama says:

    It Wont Work With Cracked

  8. Mitt Romney says:

    It Wont Work I Downloaded A Cracked Version Of The Gamw

  9. Bob says:

    Terraria on Android Please? i dont have this game i want apk plz? :(

  10. Bob says:

    Terraria on Android Please? i dont have this game i want apk plz? :(

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